Youth at Living Water

Young, Strong and Powerful for God!

Shortly after baptism, a group of strong young men (many of them single), prepare for a long afternoon of swimming. From left, Jason, Michael, Bruno, Matt, and Brad.

Here at Living Water, we do things a little different:

Instead of a regularized and traditional youth ministry, we simply spend time together as a group of friends- Christian friends who include each other, and build each other up with encouragement and love.

It's not a rare site to see many young members of Living Water sharing time and fellowship together, doing exciting things such as, Volleyball, Swimming, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Rock Climbing, Sledding, Swimming, Bonfires, Camping, or maybe just sharing a Sunday lunch. (Usually followed by swimming:).

So, instead of traditional youth meetings, we are out and about, shining as the light of the world, experiencing new things, and spreading seeds for Jesus - All while having fun! Join us!
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