What Does Bible Say about Marriage?

What Does Bible Say About Marriage? The Bible Doctrine of Marriage is outlined here.

God Established and Defined Marriage

Originated by God, not church or state
“From the beginning of creation”
Mark 10:6, Genesis 2:24
No human or group has the right or authority to change the definition.

One Man and One Woman

Mark 10:6
Marriage is limited from the beginning
Polygamous marriages existed in OT but caused trouble—doctrine taught by example


Mark 10:9
Marriage is a commitment of 1 man and one woman for life
“What God has joined together, let no man separate”

Marriage Must Be Consummated

Mark 10:8
“the two shall become one flesh”
No consummation--no marriage
Failure to consummate a marriage grounds for annulment

Marriage Must be Voluntary

Consensual, not coerced, not forced
Free will—one reason for age restrictions
Ephesians 5:21—mutual submission
Submission means “voluntary or free-will response”

Marriage Must Be Public

2 people cannot “marry themselves”
An authority and witnesses must be present
(does not prohibit a private setting for a wedding)

No Structural Difference Between Religious and Civil Marriage

Essence of marriage same in both realms
Christ is Lord over both realms—Colossians 1:15
No realm separated from God’s authority and definition
Romans 13:1ff—civil rulers are “ministers of God”

Marriage is the Bedrock of Society

Marriage came before church or state
As marriage goes, so goes the nation
Significant economic, health, social benefits for men, women, children, communities
Safeguards exist to protect marriage—history, common sense, disease, laws

Specific Marriage Roles

Mutual submission Ephesians 5:21
Husband: love his own wife Eph 5:33
Wife: respect her husband Eph 5:33

Some Purposes of Marriage

Procreation-Genesis 1:26ff
Recreation-Song of Solomon
Raise Godly children--Proverbs
Personal sanctification (holiness)-Eph 5:26
Portray relationship of Christ (husband) to church (bride)—lay down life, forgive, protect, provide, etc.-Eph 5:32

What to Do?

PRAY for Godly marriages for young peopleMark “NO” on back of ballot for 3 Iowa Supreme Court JudgesVote for pro-life, pro-family candidatesGrow a Godly marriage or stay single

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