What are the Premier Values of The Church of the Living Water In Muscatine?

If, deep down, you desire to hold the same values as the Church of the Living Water, you’ll probably find a home here. So “What do we hold dear?”

Authenticity We are human. It doesn't pay to "put on airs" around here.

Marriage and Family The husband-wife relationship pictures Christ's relationship to His church. God has a special place for fathers, mothers, children, and young people, and so do we.

Young People “Rais’em up for God and send'em to the nations” is our working motto.

Humility Honest self-appraisal goes a long way toward lasting relationships.

Relationships The church is built on relationships, first with Christ and then with each other.

Forgiveness Strong, lasting relationships are built on forgiveness, not performance.

Spirit-led Life A relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit brings unsurpassed adventure to life.

This doesn't tell everything we prize, but it's a start. One visit will tell you more. . . .

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