Bible’s True Love Calculator Tells Characteristics of True Love

The True Love Calculator Can be a Marriage Fixer—Divorce Nixer

To understand how the true love calculator works it’s helpful to know four Greek words. (Don’t worry, it’s simple enough!) Each of the four words describe a different kind of love.

Four Greek Words Show Four Different Kinds of Love

• Eros—romantic,sexual love
• Storge—family love (parent/child)
• Philia—friendship, brotherly love
• Agape—sacrificial, giving love; self-giving without expecting re-payment. Agape love is given even to unappealing and unlovable people! Agape loves even when rejected. Agape love is “covenant love”, not based on emotion; rather, it’s based on our will.

Love Suffers Long

• Literally—long suffering
• To not lose heart
• To be patient in bearing offenses and injuries

Love Shows Kindness

• To demonstrate mildness, kindness, gentleness
• These first 2 are action verbs: They show love as an action, not just a thought or emotion
• “Love acts”

Love is Not Jealous

• Does not boil with anger, hatred, envy

Love Does Not Brag

• Doesn’t vaunt itself
• Does call attention to others
• Doesn't insist on being the center of attention
• Doesn’t dominate

Love is Not Arrogant

• Not big-headed, puffed up, proud
• Considers others more important than self

Does Not Act Unbecomingly

• No belching, burping
• Changes socks, flushes toilet
• Cleans kitchen
• Puts away dirty towels
• Is not rude

Does Not Seek It’s Own

• Self-sacrificing
• No self-pity
• Not intent on revenge, but forgives
• Seeks benefits for others—what’s right for them

Love is Not Provoked

• Love is not “touchy”
• Love is thick-skinned
• How serious is it to be provoked? Moses was kept from the Promised Land because he was provoked with people!

Love Does Not Take Into Account A Wrong Suffered

• King James Version: “thinks no evil”
• Does not store any memory of past wrong
• Love puts away hurts of past instead of hanging on to them

Love Is Happy with Truth, Not Unrighteousness

• What makes you happy? Is it right?

Love Bears All Things

• ALL things!
• Love covers all things
• Love covers a multitude of sins
• Matthew 18 Principle—no gossip!
• Love protects, not exposes

Love Bears, Believes, Hopes, Endures All Things

• All things!
• Love is optimistic, not pessimistic
• Love has vision for others
• Loves prays for others, sees a future for them
• Love never gives up on people

Love Never Falls

• Love doesn’t fail in a crisis
• “When the going get tough, the tough get going”
• When everyone and everything else fails, love remains standing

Put “Jesus” in the Description to Better Understand the Signs of True Love

• Jesus suffers long
• Jesus shows kindness, etc

Measure Your Maturity With the True Love Calculator

• Put your name in each description:
• _________suffers long
• _________shows kindness
• _________is not jealous