Experience Meaningful Outreach with Living Water Muscatine

The Church of the Living Water in Muscatine, Iowa is involved in global outreach. Members of the church have traveled to many countries for ministry purposes. In fact, every continent on earth except Antarctica has been visited by church members! Some of these trips are short (just a few weeks) and some are long-term (several years or more). When you visit the sanctuary you will see the flags of the countries where the church has traveled and ministered.

Would you be interested in traveling for ministry or leading a trip yourself? Get in contact with the church leadership for more information.

Here is a brief list of some of our outreaches.


Oaxaca - Our own dear Shelly Stalker has moved to Casa Hoga to become a full time missionary at the orphanage there with Fran & Carol Marin.

Monterrey - short term mission trips


Tom Lee volunteered for four months in 2002 teaching English in western China.

Others have distributed bibles on the streets in China and on the Great Wall.


Two different outreaches there. Here the Malawi children sing praises to God.


Bethany Lee and Sarah Anderson both served for extended periods with Open Arms Foundation in Medellin.


Andrew Anderson lived in Istanbul and worked with TACO for five years.


Ethan Anderson worked with Arab Christians in Israel for one year.


Tom & Sophia Lee served in Hungary.

Many, many more.

"First Fruits"

The Church of the Living Water each month sets aside its "first fruits", which is the first twelve percent of all income from tithes and offerings to distribute among selected programs and ministries.
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Have You Been on a Mission Trip?

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