A Friend Of Truth!

Before I Received Christ I Lived and Thought This Way

Before I knew anything about receiving Christ, I was a pretty strong, self-sufficient person.

I thought that the key to having a happy, good life was acting "nice" and avoiding getting caught doing anything wrong.

I believed in God (in theory), but was entrenched in the natural, and had no clue how to do it any other way. I did not know there was the possibility or need for God to have a personal relationship with me, or me with Him.

As I mentioned, I was a master at avoiding getting caught, so in that way avoided situations which would cause me to feel any guilt for my actions.

How I Received Christ

During my first year of college, I witnessed a dramatic change in the life of a friend.

She had come home on break from college and was talking to me about, "Jesus this..." and "the Lord told me this..."

It wasn't so much what she said, but how her life had changed that caused me to pause and wonder if something like that could ever happen to me.

I argued with myself for a few days, then went back to talk with her. During this time, the reality of why Jesus had to die became clear to me.

You see, I had grown up going to church and knew the facts about Jesus dying on the cross for sin (general), but I had never thought about the fact that it was MY sin (specifically) which made Him have to die.

I then could no longer remain self-sufficient and try to make it on my own because I realized that I was a dismal failure at trying to be "good".

I knew Jesus had to die because I needed Him--my sin required that Jesus die.

My friend explained John 3:16: ["God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life"].

It seemed too easy, but all I had to do was believe in Jesus and what He did for me. I was ready. I was sorry Jesus had to die, but I knew I needed Him.

I prayed and believed.

After I Found Christ These Changes Took Place

After I found Christ, I physically felt a burden lift off me--I think it was the burden of trying to be good on my own. What replaced it was an incredible sense of peace--peace in trusting Jesus.

Another thing that really changed is that now, instead of trying to hide and avoid getting caught, I love pursuing the truth.

Truth is my friend now. Even when the truth is that I need to change the way I'm doing something, I know I have Someone who loves me and will help me to change and grow.

Even though it has been a lot of years since I first believed in Jesus, He has stuck with me, and my life is very fulfilled walking with Him.

And I know I will enjoy eternal life with Him!

Marcia Lee
Muscatine, Iowa

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