2011 Plans for Malawi People

Malawi people have ambitions to improve their lives, using what is available to them. These are their plans for 2011 which they hope to succeed in through the help of others.

This year we have the following things that we want to accomplish.

1: We are opening a church account which is taking longer but by this week we will have it, there were so many procedures to take place that we didn’t know. Accomplished!

2: Prophecy: The prophetic word came to me in one meeting from a lady and she said God is saying go and build his house, and she said God wants to show you many great things so go and do what you have heard.

So we pray that we should get a plot this year, and plots are costing around $6,000 - $10,000, so pray with us in this area.

3: We want to do Pig farming, our proposal is to buy pigs and put them at 7 places, when they begin to multiply we can be selling them and they can help in church planting, conferences, church visitation and even roofing of churches. See details of the plan for the Malawi Pig Farm.

4: Very urgent we would love to plant this season Irish potatoes, this also brings in a lot of cash, this would need $350. Praise God! This too has been accomplished. The potato field has been planted and the rains have come.

5: Our conference will still be in August which always needs us to have transport close to $600 or $800.

6: We are planning an outreach which we want to do it at the sugar plantation of which many people stay there without churches and without the word being preached to them, this would need $500.

7: Many churches in the rural areas have been built with local materials and we hope to buy iron roofs which each could cost $900.

God bless,


We at the Church of the Living Water in Muscatine, Iowa, are accepting donations towards these projects. 100% of the money donated will go directly to Malawi towards the fulfillment of these plans of the Malawi people. Donate here. Your contribution is tax-deductible through the ministry of the Church of the Living Water.

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