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Two Hands

When I was a child
I took note that my father had two hands
One hand full of good things, giggles, laughter, and fun
One hand full of bad things, punishment, anger, and pain
When he was present
I never knew which hand I would get
So I learned to always watch, hide, and avoid

Now, I am a child of my Heavenly Fathers’
I remember, He too has two hands
One hand full of good things, blessings, gifts, and healing
One hand full of bad things, judgment, anger, and suffering
When I come into His presence
I wonder which hand I will get.
So once again I am afraid
But I have decided to take the risk
Because I so long to be in that place
Although I still have fear
That I’ll get the hand I deserve
I know it’s worth the risk of which hand I’ll get
But do think He’ll understand?
If I pause, close my eyes, and hold my breath
As I take a step towards Him

But what a surprise I find
When I step into His presence
There I find Him
With two hands, two arms open wide
“Come my child. I’ve been waiting.” He softly says
At the threshold I stand
So unsure what I should do
But I have come too far to stop short
With His welcome, I run
Like a child diving into her father’s arms
To snuggle down into His lap
Wrapped in the arms of His love
Imagine, His fingers in my hair, caressing my head---a touch of affection
His hands full of warmth, peace, and comfort
Oh, who would of thought it could be this way?

Tinted by past experiences
I have limited myself in fear
Watching, hiding, and avoiding my Heavenly Father too long
With no thought to the possibility
That His hands could be different
Now I know!
Yes, my Heavenly Father has two hands
Full of love, warmth, peace, and comfort
If I would just come into His presence.

Debra Kerr

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