Muscatine History, a Treasure of God's Work

God's hand has been visible in the history of Muscatine, Iowa. Each of the articles on this page clearly depict this and further show the powerful influence of past events on our present day.

Muscatine History: Pearls, Jobs, and Prosperity

The roots of Muscatine history from the meaning of its name, the discovery of pearls, jobs, and prosperity.

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Muscatine Black History, Spirituality Interwoven with Liberty

Muscatine black history is filled with spirituality interwoven with liberty. Read how Alexander Clark fought for the rights of slaves and desegregated Iowa schools.

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Favor of God's Peace in Indian History

Few accounts of Indian history in Muscatine can be found in the writings of early settlers. This incident shows the favor God's peace can bring a city in the middle of injustice and revenge.

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