Find Guidance by Praying in Tongues

Need guidance and direction? Try this process.

Praying in tongues makes our love for Jesus grow and glow. This child-like act of speaking in tongues with Jesus keeps us filled with the Holy Spirit. In this relationship, the Spirit of Christ often speaks through a "quickened" verse from Scripture, a dream, or a picture in the mind's eye. By receiving the revelation--this "quickened" word or vision—we have a focus for our time, money, attention and efforts.

As an illustration, God once spoke to me in a dream to begin a Chaplain Program at Muscatine Community College. After prayer, I approached the college president with the proposal. After several weeks, the president called with the announcement, "Let's start!" For years the faculty, staff and students at this college have enjoyed the services of the multi-staffed program. The Chaplain's Program directly resulted from a dream. God-given dreams stem from the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:17-18) Focused faith resulted in clear direction and an guided us to effective service to college students.

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