Glossolalia: My Experience in Praying in Tongues

by Sue Cox

Note: Sue Cox relates her experience with glossolalia (speaking in tongues) and tells of the benefits in her life. She was born in Singapore and immigrated to the United States. Sue is a businesswoman in Muscatine, Iowa and is president of the local Aglow chapter. This report of glossolalia is in Sue's own words with only minor editing. (Used with Permission)

I have been a Christian since 2005, my first encounter with “tongue” speaking was in Feb’2007 at the Church of the Living Water. It was a very strange experience, it was like my mouth was no longer belongs to me but something so very powerful took control of it. Editor's note: This is unusual. When one speaks in a tongue, he actually does have control over his own mouth. Sometimes, however, the Spirit does come strongly upon a person. The language that came out of my mouth was so foreign to me (yet I speak three different languages and several Asian dialects) I do not understand a word that came out of my mouth. It was totally supernatural!

Ever since that day, I have been growing tremendously in spirit and I have been praying in tongues all these years. I loved it!!

My experience with praying in tongue (glossolalia) has brought me to several supernatural encounters with the Lord Jesus. One particular experience I so remember was, I was in such a painful situation and that I needed strength, hope and help. The pain was so powerful that fear took over my spirit, I was struggling to stay calm and trying to pray in senses and I remember the story of Jesus calm the storm. But the fear was over powering me and I literally felt like a lump of marshmallow, my mouth was dry and I was trembling with fear. I couldn’t even speak a word not to mention praying in words.

I remember once my church brother told me “if you don’t know how to pray, just pray in tongues”. I began to pray in tongue and on and on I was praying in tongue and in spirit. Next thing I know, I was in the Garden of Gethsemane (in spirit). I saw Lord Jesus in His agony and pain. He was asking God to let the cup pass if possible. I felt His heart beat, I felt His pain, His fear, His agony. For a moment I was in Him and I felt it all. During this experience, I realized that I was communicating with God in tongue, a heavenly language. It was an actual communication except it was in tongue and I don’t understand a word that I said, I saw myself spoke through Lord Jesus and pleading for God’s mercy and grace. Then I heard the Lord said “Father, Thy will be done and not mine!” I said the same but this time in English, and then, in that very second, all my fear, pain, suffering and agony just lifted up and disappeared. Glossolalia set me free by the power of God!

I continue to pray in tongues today. I also came to recognize that there are many different ways of praying in tongues such as pleading, communicating, praising, warfare and I have also heard some people “chanting” in tongues.

But as for me, praying in tongue is a way I communicate with God the Father in His Heavenly Language. Nothing brought me closer to God then spends time with Him and communicate with Him in His Language.

I encourage all believers to do the same. It is simply Amazing!

Editor again: Something I appreciate about Sue is she doesn't get all involved in any controversy about glossolalia. She just uses the gift and enjoys the benefits!

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