Gifts of Prophecy at Living Water Muscatine

One of the spiritual gifts mentioned in I Corinthians 12 is gifts of prophecy. At the Church of the living Water we set up a microphone to encourage members to use and grow in the use of this gift. Some recent Christian prophecies are recorded here.

I Corinthians 14 points out seven purposes for New Testament prophetic words. Notice that none of the purposes is to predict the future.

  • edification
  • exhortation
  • consolation (comfort)
  • conviction
  • call to account
  • disclose secrets of hearts
  • teaching (learning)

Recent Gifts of Prophecy

September 8

This is a Word for the young people, men and women of the church. "I adore you!" says the Lord. "I literally adore you. I admire your manhood. I admire your womanhood, boyhood and girlhood! More than that I just adore you as you are. I am not here to change every little bit about you. I just want you to know that I love you! I love you, old man. I care about you, openly. I died for you and I come to raise you up, to lift you up more than you think. More than anything, I want you to know I have pleasure in you, in who you are, exactly as you are today. Not to change all these things! Yes, just to love you. I accept you as you are now." ---given by Pastor Mark

I will never write you off. You may feel written off and some people might write you off, but I will never write you off. I look past your weaknesses. I look past your sin. I look past your failings... and I see you. I love you! I see you as whole. I see you as complete. I see you as a possibility in My Kingdom. There is a place for you. There is a purpose for you. There is a plan for you. So be secure, because I feel secure In My love for you. ---given by Kari

More joy, J-O-Y. I have destined you. I have appointed you to experience joy... joy now and joy in heaven. It is because of My great love for you; because I like to see you filled with joy. I like to see My people filled with joy. Even when I discipline you, even when I spank you, as it were, it's so that your joy might be greater. I appoint you to be a people filled with joy. ---given by Tom

Every time we have been speaking out in Faith, I kept seeing a vision. It was like we are in a football field and He is in the bleachers. He stands up cheering (jumping up and down, shouting) YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! ---given by Brian September 1

The Lord says, "I have chosen to speak to you through My Word. Yes, even the Word you hold in your hand. I am your God and I have things to speak to you that will make a difference in your life. I want to speak to you this week. I promise I will give you things that will be important for your life in these days. Open My Book! Make time with Me for I will speak to you," says the Lord. ---given by Pastor Mark

"I have a word for you as parents. Fathers, My word to you is that you have power with Me. Your power is in your intercession for your children. As you intercede for your children, I will give you insight into their needs; and sometimes, I know, that insight is heavy for you to carry. As I give you insight into their needs, and as you cry out to Me, I want you to know your prayers carry weight, power and influence with your God. As you cry out on the benefit of your children and their needs, I hear you. I am answering and I will answer. I will pour out My power on your children. I know that it seems sometimes that My work is slow, but in My time I am accomplishing My purposes in them as you exercise your faith. Have I not said in My word, 'All your children shall be taught of the Lord?' Claim the promises in My Word and your influence shall be great in prayer". So says the Lord. ---given by Tom

Aug. 18

"Are you struggling to read your Bible? Are you struggling with some sin? The secret, My children, is to be in My presence and as you are in My presence, My very nature will take root in you. The answer is not in your will, your steps of discipline. But the answer is having MY nature transferred to you and becoming part of you. And this happens as you are in My presence".---given by Tom

Aug. 26

"I have heard your prayers. I have heard your voice! Wives, I have heard your voice, as you are crying out to Me in your homes. Don't think I haven't heard you. Don't think I am not sending My help to you for I have heard your cries. I have heard you even as your heart has been lifted up to Me. Dads and moms, young people, I have heard your cries. I am acting and will act. I will come to your rescue. I will comfort your need, be your comforter. I know that sometimes it seems that I am silent. I know sometimes you cry out to Me and it seems I do not act, but I hear your cries. I have good in store. Trust Me! You won't be disappointed," says the Lord! ---given by Tom

Aug. 4

The song verse says what God has done. He has conquered the enemy!--- given by Brian

"My children, you are not conquerors... you are more than conquerors! Don't listen to the accusing voice of the enemy who tries to put you under his thumb and under his dominion. For I am saying to you this morning, you are more than conquerors. Give Me glory who always causes you to walk in triumph. For I have not destined you for defeat even though sometimes there are set-backs. I have destined you for victory. You are a conquering army made up of brave soldiers. Lift up your heads! Lift up your voice! Lift up your courage! For I have destined you to be more than conquerors and that you shall be!" says the Lord.--- given by Tom

Fight! Fight! Don't be afraid!--- given by Abigail

"Do you say, 'I am weak? I can't be victorious?' It is because I brought you there. Because in and of yourself you cannot be strong. If you were strong, then you would turn to yourself and say, 'I can overcome.' But the truth is that you are weak because I made you weak so that I can be strong in you. Don't look to your flesh to be victorious, but look to Me, because I have overcome. I can be victorious in you. I have done it!"--- given by Brian

July 7

"My children, I would say unto you, these are the days of great grace. These are days of faith. These are days of pouring out yourself for My kingdom. These are the days for each of you to humble yourselves in order to advance," says the Lord. "You shall find fulfillment, for I am ready to add victory to your life. I am ready to bring victory over temptation. I am ready to renew. I am ready! I am doing it! For I am bringing you the ability to overcome in the areas of struggling. You have not because you ask not. With the power of My Word, enter into new things," says the Lord. "For My grace is more than sufficient. More ability in evangelism-- ask of Me, My children. I want to increase your prayer life with Me. Use your faith, and I will give unto you." ---given by Pastor Mark

"There's My call on the younger generation, even the younger generation of this church. I know that you as older ones can look around and you can see My calling in some of their lives. It is more obvious, but My calling is on some of these where you don't see it so obviously. I am doing a hidden work, a secret work in some of the young people that you don't know about. Even parents don't always know, but the deep things I am doing in your children, the way I am speaking to your children, they don't always tell you about it, but I am working deeply. Sometimes you don't see outward evidence of the movement of My Spirit in their lives, but it is there to a greater degree than you see. So don't be discouraged. Don't pass off any of these young people, because I have been raising them up in this atmosphere of faith, worship and fear of the Lord even if it doesn't seem obvious. They're being affected by this atmosphere. I have placed My call on many of them and it is a call that will surprise you. And I do have a call for you older ones. It is that you continue to model faith and obedience to Me. As I lead you, I am calling you to pray for these young people that My work will fully go forth and go on in their lives. Pray that these young people will step out in faith into the things I am speaking to them. Pray that I will give and they will receive boldness to walk in My ways. There is going to be an increasing flow, a pouring out of My Spirit through them; so nurture these young people. Don't be critical of them. Encourage, nurture and pray for them because I am going to put the baton in their hands and they will carry it. They will carry it well." ---given by Tom

June 23

"I want surrender from you. Surrender your life to Me. Let Me have total control of your world and just trust Me." ---given by Abigail

"Your enemy the devil, is constantly accusing you, telling you are worse than you are. But I have come alongside of you to encourage you. To let you know, that indeed you are better than you think. In the past, I have warned you about what you think. You are able to accomplish more than you think. I want you, My children, to acknowledge every good thing that is in you through Christ your Lord. I want you to acknowledge every good thing that is in you." ---given by Tom

"You have been looking for the real thing. You have been searching for something genuine and I am the real thing. I am the real thing who will be truth in you, who will be genuine, who will be integrity, who will make your life full. I am the real thing." ---given by Marcia

I see a picture of a locket that you wear, a child's locket. Inside the locket, it is golden. The sense I get is that each one of us is a precious child to God. A child who is precious to God does not want. God is wearing us, you and me in a locket on His Heart. ---given by Pastor Mark

May 12

There are different paths that everyone walks. You know the path. Search your heart to know the path. There is a path of faith. There is a path of love. The path you are on will not constantly be easy, but that path is there. I am calling you to take the next step. Just jump onto that path and walk because I will be there to catch you. I will be there to guide you. I will be there to help you. I will be there to help you every step of the way. Walk the path. ---given by Shelly

You have written off people. Some of you have written them off because of something they have done, or for sins in their lives, but I want you to know something; I have not written them off. I don't want you to write them off. Some of you have written yourself off. You have written yourself off, but I have not written you off. I still have a plan, purpose and destiny for you to fulfill. Don't look at the past. Don't look at the mistakes, the sins and the errors, the things in the past that seem to destroy you; because I make all things new. I bring the light where it seems there can't be light. I am a life-giving God. Don't write other people off. Don't write yourselves off. I am a God that brings life out of what seems like death. ---given by Tom

April 28

"There is power in My blood, but also in the testimony I have given you. Not only for others, but the testimony as you give it, there is power to change you." ---given by Brian

"I was willing! I was very willing to go to the cross, to suffer what I've suffered, to lay down My life, to be tortured on the cross; because I saw what it would accomplish in you. You, My children, are called to a very high calling and My cross brings you access now. I saw what you could and would become. I was very willing to pay the price to bring you to your destiny. You don't see it all. You only see a small part. You only see the smallest part of your destiny in Christ. You'll wonder about it. You'll be in awe of it. In ages of eternity, you'll be in wonder and awe of what has been accomplished in the people of God because I was very willing." ---given by Tom

"I did all that for You," says the Lord. "I did it for you, just for you! Sometimes you think I did it for everyone else, but I did it for you! You are well worth it. I did it just for you." ---given by Abigail

As Brian spoke about how we are not defeated, I saw how in the book of Revelation, John saw the multitudes of overcomers under the altar and that they overcame by the word of the Lord, by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. It is not for us to be defeated when we have the word of the Lord and our testimony. Instead, we have victory. I believe He wants to rise up and say, "You can remain defeated or you can overcome by the word of your testimony, which I have already given to you." ---given by Wendell

I see a picture of mixing bowls and a whisk. I see the ingredients, like a cake mix being poured in there and being mixed up. Then the word that came to me is that our lives are like that. We try to sort it out, but the impression I got was, don't try to sort it out because that is impossible. We take all the ingredients of life, all our experiences, our background, all the things in our lives all mixed up in this mixing bowl. We try to sort through it, pick out of it, trying to figure out how it's going. Don't do that, because it is impossible. Only God is able to find the ingredients He wants to pick out of our lives. ---given by Denise

April 14

I want you to reach to Me and trust. Just go! I am calling you to trust Me more, to go deeper, to reach the next level of trust because I am calling you to it. I am not out here to do something that I am not equipping you to do. Trust Me! Step out! Take that next step. ---given by Shelly

I just hear, "There is more for you, there is more! I want you to find your faith. Don't just be satisfied where you are now. I have more than something physical. I want you to find what I have for you by faith." ---given by Abigail

March 31

"I am here with you today. Yes, I live!" says the Lord. "Even as you're alive and even as you press through the veil, I will reach out to you. I say, something very thin is separating Me from you today, but if you'll break through the veil, you will find I'll touch your life. Press through!" says the Lord, "and find the desires of your heart!" ---given by Pastor Mark

March 24

The Lord says, "I am for you and not against you! No matter what you have been struggling with, no matter what your challenges are, in spite of your failures or even your successes, right now I just want you to know I am for you and not against you. This morning lift up your hands, arise and shine because the Mighty One of Israel is for you! Unconditionally! For You! ---given by Tom

March 17

"These are truly great days for My church. These are days that the church will shine forth like a bright light, like a city sitting on a hill. So many of My people are discouraged by the darkness, but don't be discouraged. For the greatest days of My church are just ahead. You are serving in a great and wonderful time. My glory will be poured out across the whole earth. You get to be a part of such a wonderful outpouring of My grace and glory. These are truly great days!" ---given by Tom

March 10

"Why do you worry? Why do you worry about what's not in your power? Why do you worry when it can not add one jot to your life? Am I not the God who cares for the sparrows? Am I not the God who cares for the fields? Am I not the God who waters the plants and who makes sure everything is there every morning; who makes the sun shine every morning and the moon shine every night? I made the stars and numbered them all. I will be there for you in the morning. I am for you every morning. Why do you worry when it is all in My hands?" ---given by Shelly

"I give all of My creation that abounds to you, so that you will have enough sufficiency in this life unto the next world." ---given by Abigail

March 3

God wants you to help spread His gospel; to be the salt of the earth. Follow Him! "I love you! I will give you freely of My Spirit. You will bring hope to those who do not hope. You'll be encouragement to those who cannot stand. But it's not you, it's Me in you! Be Bold! They will see Me in you! People in darkness can see My light in you. Don't try to be perfect. Don't try to earn the right to speak for Me. Don't try to say only the right things, because I'll speak through you. You be willing to open your mouth, and then I will speak through you. I will shine My light in you and I will pour out My light through you. You have tried to use your own strength...Give it to Me. Just let My love flow in and through you. Love people where they are. Let Me love through you!" ---given by Tom

"I am here for you," says the Lord. "Yes, I am here and I am here for you this morning! I am here! I will never leave you. I will never forsake you. I have never left you alone. Although you feel alone some days, I am with you!" says the Lord. "Ask what you wish. Keep asking, for I favor every prayer you're making. I am hearing! Continue to pray, for I am answering!" says your Lord. "I am for you and not against you. Speak to Me and I will speak to you." ---given by Pastor Mark

February 17

What is God looking for in people? What is God looking for in me? It's the people of God who persevere that He's looking for. When the people of God persevere in times of silence. When the people of God persevere when you feel unrecognized! When the people of God persevere when following Me seems to be dull! When the people of God persevere when there seems to be no excitement in following Me! When the people of God persevere in pain and in disappointment and discouragement and loss! When the people of God persevere through the difficult times; that I find worthy of honor. ---given by Tom

"Open your mouth and speak the words I give you to speak. The words you think you have are not the only things I want to say to people. But when you speak the words I give you, then I speak." ---given by Andrew

February 10,

It is not enough to sing those words anymore. (Congregation singing) I want you to believe them. I want you to live them. To take hold of them and to pray them. Yes child, in prayer. I am for you, who can be against you? You can believe it! ---given by Abigail

Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law. And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has already come for you to wake up from your sleep, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is almost gone and the day is at hand. Let us therefore lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us behave moderately as in the day and not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual promiscuity and sexual immorality. Not in fighting and jealousy. But, put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no room for flesh in regards of lust. (Romans 13:10-14) All things become visible when they are exposed by the light. For everything that becomes visible is light. For this reason it says, "Awake, sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you." Therefore be careful how you walk, not wise as men are, but be wise. I believe the Lord is speaking this morning to the body of Christ to awaken from sleep. The sandman has come across the Church. We are sleeping inside as outside. Real people want real experience with God. All this talking to the body of Christ in Ephesians and Romans through Paul, God says, "Awaken! AWAKEN!" We can't be doing the same old church thing every week and expecting results. We've got to shake ourselves and awaken, for the day is at hand. ---given by Wendell

When we were singing that last song, God was just speaking to me about how we always say that He is all we need. He says, "You are what I need also. I sent Jesus to die on the cross because I wanted you to feel and remember that's how much I love you. Remember that! That's how much I want Him in you!" ---given by Shelly

January 27, 2013

The Lord is saying, "The gifts are like seeds. The gifts that I give you are like seeds. I am calling you, My children, to recognize the seeds. To look inside you, to see those seeds and to water them. To let My sun shine on them, and let them grow. Each of you have a gift from Me, but it does not come fully formed. You must exercise it. You must use it for it to grow. If you are waiting for it to grow before you use it, it won't grow. If you are waiting for your gift to be bigger before you use it, it won't grow. You must use the gift in it's infancy, in it's infant stage. Even when you wish it was bigger, even when you wish it was more powerful, use the gift like a seed." As you use it, it will grow and grow over the years until it becomes a great gift, a big gift with far reaching influence. You must use it while it is still small, when it seems small to you. "Do the small things, and the gift I have given you will grow," says the Lord. ---given by Tom

January 13, 2013

"I am raising up those with the Spirit of Elijah to prepare the way: to prepare the way of repentance, that people may see Me and may receive Me." ---given by Brian

January 6, 2013

I believe the Lord is saying, "The best days, the most glorious days of My power and working in you are coming," says the Lord. "Great days are ahead for this church. Important days are ahead. My children, the enemy is coming in like a flood and great darkness is beginning to cover the earth, great darkness and great confusion. But I will not let the darkness rule because as the dark becomes exceedingly dark, the light will become exceedingly bright. Do not become discouraged when the darkness covers the earth, for it must come. But in those days the glory of the Lord will shine brighter and brighter, and you are to be part of that. And when the great and glorious days come, you must not look back and say that the times of small and seemingly insignificant and unnoticed things were not important; because they are the building blocks and the stepping stones upon which the future brightness and glory will come." The Lord is saying, "I am calling you. Be expectant and ready to learn, My children, My sons and My daughters. Learn to be guided by My Spirit and alert to My voice. If you would experience the glory that I desire to pour out, you will need to be people who are attentive to hear My voice. Practice, and you will learn to hear My voice." ---given by Tom


December 30, 2012

"You have a name, but I have given you a new name: I have called you 'Righteous!' I have called you 'Holy!' I have made you a new creature." given by Brian

December 15

"I want you to use your voice for Me. You might not think you have a voice, a ministry or a way to talk to people about Me, but you have neighbors. You have co-workers. I just want you to take it onto yourself to be My Ambassador. This holiday, talk about Me. Take the same opportunities that you have to talk. Be My voice!" ---given by Ethan

As he was singing, I saw a picture of an open door and we all were going in. I heard a voice say, "You are going in. But you are not going in alone, for Christ is going with you." ---given by Abigail

I believe the Lord is giving me a message here. I am not sure how to say it, but I keep feeling inside of me that He wants us to understand His sovereignty. We need to understand that His sovereignty is way beyond any comprehension that we have. In the days that we live, as we see it through our perspective, that does not change His sovereignty. And those doors that He is opening are a result of what is taking place because of His sovereignty. Do not lose heart because He is sovereign. He has control of everything! Because we are in Him, His sovereign work will rest on us. And we will begin to see from His perspective what He wants us to see. ---given by Wendell

I think some people might see a door open and dread what's behind it. And then, not want to go through that door. But God wants us to know that He is with us and He will even carry us; so do not dread what's behind the door. ---given by Marcia

December 2

While we were worshiping I heard simply four words, "Things are getting better!" ---given by Abigail

"I want My people to be a joyful people even in the midst of trouble, even in the midst of things. In fact, I promised you there will be trouble, but I have overcome. I will cause you to overcome. See the victory even though it's in the future. See it, have hope and rejoice; for victory-- complete, total victory-- is yours and is coming. I will let you go through struggles. I will let you go through trials and difficulties. Yet, even in the midst of those, I am doing something in you that is wonderful. If you will look back on those trials and if you keep your faith in Me, you will see from the perspective of eternity what I accomplished in you through that difficult time, and you will rejoice. I have only have love towards you," says the Lord. ---given by Tom

November 4, 2012

Who are you? Who are you? Are you who you think you are? Are you who you tell yourself that you are? Are you who your parents have told you you are? Are you who your friends have said you are? Are you what your enemies have said you are? But I am saying, you are none of those things. You are who I say you are! Even as I said to Peter, "You are a rock!" I said it when he was not yet a rock. But you see, I call those things which are not yet, as though they are. And I would have you, My people, find out who I say you are. Remember, walk and live in that. You are who I say you are! ---given by Tom

He who began a good work in you, will complete it until the finished day of Jesus Christ. Don't give up! Don't give up! ---given by Sue

God wants you to trust his Word, to believe it. He keeps saying, "Having done all, to stand. Stand!" ---given by Shelly

October 14, 2012

"My people, My children, I am not requiring you to be perfect. Completeness and perfection, that is coming, but I am not requiring it of you now," says the Lord. "Now is the time to walk in faith, not to do everything perfectly. Many of you are shrinking back from what I have called you to because you think you can't do it perfectly, but I am not calling you to do it perfectly. I am simply calling you to get on this road and walk into those things to which I am calling you. Don't worry! I'll give you success! Yes, there will be mistakes. Yes, there will be some failures. Yes, there will be some faulty steps, but in what I am calling you to do, I'll make you successful," says the Lord. "Say yes to Me. Get up and move into what I have called you to do. Don't wait for the perfect will never come. When I say to your heart, 'Get up and move,' then follow Me." ---given by Tom

October 7, 2012

There is someone in particular this morning that has been on the fence. Surrender your life to Him. Surrender your life to Him! Commit your heart to His calling, to following Him. You have been riding on the fence. Now the Lord is asking for more. He says, "I want your life. I want your heart. I want your energy. I want you to serve Me!" This is the morning of decision for you. Say, "I am yours Lord." Just say, "I'll serve the Lord. I'll mark this as the date that I made a decision to follow Him." That is for someone this morning. ---given by Tom

"To men and women, I am speaking clearly in ways you understand. Listen to My voice because I am speaking for your safety. I am speaking things that will make you successful, satisfied and happy. I am speaking to you for your good," says the Lord. "Listen for I am speaking to you!" ---given by Pastor Mark

September 30th, 2012

The Lord wants to say this morning to His people, "You are My workmanship. I created you. I formed you in the womb and I brought you forth. I have nurtured you and guided you even when you were not aware of My presence beside you. I protected you. I watched over you. I know every detail of your life. You are My workmanship! I want you to know, this morning, that My mercy is over all My works! My mercy is covering you today! I am merciful! I love you! Do not be afraid of the past." ---given by Tom

September 23rd, 2012

"I have overcome and I have called you to be overcomers. I did not die so that you believe this and live a defeated life. I did not shed My blood so you can be defeated. I have died and have shed My blood so that you can be overcomers; that you be controlled by the flesh no longer, but that you live by the Spirit!" ---given by Brian

The Lord says, "I don't want you to be defeated by discouragement. The enemy is crafty! One of the biggest ways that he attacks you, My people, is with discouraging thoughts in your mind. For you to feel like a failure. He tells you, 'You are a failure.' He tells you, 'It's all going bad. It's never going to work!' But you see, My plans for you are good; they're impressive. Yes, there will be trials of your faith. When the tide seems to be going against you, it can look bad. Believe My Word towards you. I will always cause you to triumph! The Kingdom of God does not come without struggle, but I have ordained victory for you. It will not come easily; it will not come without a fight. Stand up like a man! Stand up like a woman! Place your faith in My Word and I'll do great, marvelous things. The outcome is good. The path to that outcome is often lined with circumstances over which you must exercise faith and not fear or discouraging thoughts the enemy places or tries to place within you!" This is what the Lord is saying and speaking this morning. Amen! ---given by Tom

September 16th, 2012

"Do not condemn yourself! I have not called you to condemnation! You compare yourself to the next person. You say, 'I am not like that individual.' I tell you this morning," says the Lord, "You are not that individual! My grace is sufficient for you. I have called you to be yourself, not the other person. So bring to Me your weakness and together we will fulfill that which I have called you to do. We will make up the fullness, My fullness for you. My plan for you! Don't compare yourself to the other person, therefore condemning yourself." ---given by Abigail

The Lord is speaking to us a word this morning saying, "The enemy, the devil, he can speak! He can speak to you. His accusations against you, they are relentless and they are increasing. My voice speaks encouragement! My voice speaks, 'Press on!' My voice would believe and speak the best about you, about your potential and about My calling upon you. But, the enemy also speaks and he speaks relentless accusations. This is a spiritual warfare!" says the Lord. "You must learn to recognize the voice of the enemy, and reject the voice of the enemy and believe the Word of the Lord your God! Who will you believe? You will need to make a choice to believe the Lord your God and reject the relentless and increasing lies of the enemy. Then, you will be victorious!" Praise the Lord! ---given by Tom

September 9th, 2012

I am seeing a picture from God. I am seeing a pitcher and its contents are being poured out onto the ground. The pitcher is filled with liquid pain that has been a part of our lives. As that pain is poured out, up from the ground comes a beautiful flower. Then again, the pitcher pours out onto the ground and up grows a fruit tree full of luscious, beautiful fruit. The Lord is saying, "Out of your pain will come life, out of your pain will come something beautiful and it will be life to others!" The Lord is saying, "To some it is just pain, but to Me, in my hands, I will bring life out of it. I will create something beautiful out of that pain as you reach out to Me. I will take what seems to be destructive and painful, and then I will create life!" ---given by Tom

As Tom was sharing, I received the word "effected". That is, we must make that decision to allow that pain to be poured out as a sacrifice before the Lord before anything else can happen. We have to let go of the pain before Him as a drink offering so He can bring new life out of it. We cannot hold onto the pain. ---given by Wendell

September 3rd, 2012

Please come and dance with Me. I long for the dance that will light up this room. Lighting-up in store for all to see. Come dance with Me. My light is showering you with My love; and all will see the light in the storm. Please come and dance with Me, for I desire to be your strong tower. I'll give you strength at home to follow Me. I'll have a home and a lighthouse inside of you. ---given by Bridget

Aug 26th, 2012

"Carry each others' burdens. Help. Carry someone's burdens. Get beside someone, help, get a hold of their load. Connect with one another. Share with one another. Be part of each others lives. Know one another and in knowing one another, let your love for each other be shown. As you are joined to one another, then love each other. The world will be drawn to Me." ---given by Tom

The Lord is also saying that if you truly, truly understand how much--HOW MUCH I really love you, you would not look at those circumstances and wonder if I will meet your need. If you only really, really knew how badly I want to be there for you... How bad I really want to be there for every single step you take, every breath you breathe, everything! I am your God. I desire nothing evil for you. Don't look at those circumstances. They are just that, they're circumstances. I am God!" ---given by Shelly

Aug 19th, 2012

"I am going to send you to the nations. You will ask Me, 'What shall I do in the nations?' and I will tell you, 'You'll Praise Me! You will praise Me when the sun is rising and when the sun is setting, and with the stars. You'll praise Me in the nations!' You might say, 'God, that's not very much that I'll do.' I will say to you, 'That's a lot.' I want My praises heard from all the nations and I've anointed you to do that." ---given by Kari

The Lord wants you to know this morning, He's for you! No matter what! No matter what's going on in your life, no matter where you have been and no matter where you are. The Lord is for you! For You! He loves you and is for you one hundred percent! ---given by Tom

Each of you can enter into the supernatural even this morning. "Exercise faith", says the Lord. "Yes, lift your vision higher, exercise faith for I have more for you than you have already received." ---given by Pastor Mark

"I encourage you this morning," says the Lord, "Take the little steps right in front of you. If you are saying, 'Lord, I don't know where to start! I don't know how to do it!' Don't wait for the big thing," the Lord is saying. "Take the little steps!" ---given by Abigail

Aug 12th, 2012

I heard the Lord speaking that He wants us to take authority over that which enslaves us. Taking authority means taking charge. You know that He has given us power to tread on scorpions and serpents, but take charge over all parts, not just one area. ---given by Abigail

The Lord is speaking today. He has called you to love one another. "I have not called you to a feeling, but I have called you to love (action) for one another. Feelings, emotions come and go, rise and fall, but you can set your heart to love one another. You can purpose in your heart to love one another. It's as you love one another, the world will be drawn to me. I am calling you to draw together, to serve Me together," says the Lord. ---given by Tom

July 29, 2012

While he was singing, I just heard "I am strong! Whatever the situation you're in, I am stronger!" ---given by Abigail

The Lord is saying to us this morning, "Sin may seem strong, but Grace overwhelmly conquers. There may be a sinful nature we have to deal with in this life, but God has given us all we need. Sin will not have power over you, the word of God says, because you are not under the law anymore. You are under the wonderful Grace of God which not only contains forgiveness, but also contains the power to live victorious over sin." Thank you Lord Jesus! You are stronger, Lord. You are the strongest. Grace is a stronger force than sin. Amen. ---given by Tom

July 22, 2012

"Some are left without knowledge of Me, and I want them to know Me. I want them to know My forgiveness. I want them to know My love for them. Even though there is sin, I love them. I want to reach down and hold onto that one, set their feet and their life on a new path. I want to forgive. I want to heal. I want to restore a right relationship with Me. Some of these people that My heart is longing for, I have put in your circle. You can't always see that I am speaking to them. They're colored over, but I am speaking to them. I want you to also speak to them through Me. Be alert! Be awake! Be in prayer! Ask Me that I would use you." ---given by Tom

July 15, 2012

The Holy Spirit wants to speak to us this morning and say, "You go! I want you to go first!" Being human, you'll wait for signs from someone else that they love you. Then say you'll be willing to respond. But the Spirit is saying, "You draw your love from Me. You let Me fill you with My living water. You, I want to make you the first! I want you to go first! I want you to say the kind word first! I want you to say, 'I forgive You!' first. I want you to apoligize first! I want you to take the lead! I don't want you to be just responders, but I want you to be initiators. I want you to be movers. I want you to take the first move. Don't wait for someone else to do what's right, to respond. You do what's right first in holiness." ---given by Tom

When Tom was speaking, I just heard. "Step out! Step out! Get out of the boat!" I saw a picture of someone getting out of a boat. ---given by Abigail

"Today is the day, so you can step out! I have given you that power," says the Lord! "Furthermore, I would have you teach your children Faith. Faith to believe Me. Faith to walk. Amen"! ---given by Pastor Mark

July 8, 2012

The Lord is taking people out of the boat. The Spirit did not lift Peter out of the boat and put him in the water. Peter responded to the Lord's communication. The Lord said, "Come!" The Lord did not set Peter out of the boat. The Lord said, "Come!" and Peter took action. And when he took action in response to the Lord's word, all kinds of miracles happened. The Lord is saying to his church today, "You've got to take action!" Listen for the voice of God. When the voice of God speaks, you must take action. Then there will be something new; there will be miracles!" so says the Lord. ---given by Tom

I hear the Lord saying" I want to reign in your hearts. I want to reign in your being. I want to reign in your situation. I want to reign! Will you let Me reign? ---given by Abigail

July 1, 2012

"I the Lord am holding out to you My Scepter. Like Esther of old, reach out and take hold of the top of the Scepter. My Scepter is My Power. Take hold of it. What you ask and pray in My name, you shall receive. Ask today, and you shall receive, for My Word has gone out. All things for which you ask and pray, you shall receive."---given by Pastor Mark

June 24 2012

"You have heard over and over the things that I have done. You have read how I have healed multitudes. You have heard how repentance has swept through the Church in the New Testament believers. I want you to know that you have not seen anything yet because I am greater than anything that can be written about Me. I am able to do greater things than you have ever seen. I am able to bring this city to their knees in repentance. I am able to make a Holy people. I am able! ---given by Brian

Prophecy is the voice of Jesus speaking to us by His Spirit. The Lord is saying, "Remember how I welcomed the children? Do you remember that? Remember, I said, let the children come unto Me? I asked you a question. Do you think the children that I invited to come to Me , were they always good children or sometimes were they naughty children? Were they always well behaved or did they sometimes have tantrums? I say unto you, whether the children were good or sometimes naughty, I said, 'Let the children come unto Me. Don't forbid them.' So now My children, you are My children and I say to you, 'Welcome!' I want you to come. I don't care if you have been naughty. I don't care if you have thrown a tantrum. I don't care if you have always done what you should have done. What I am saying to you this morning is-- I want to be with you. Haven't I said in My word, no one who comes to Me will I cast out! That is My Holy and unchangeable word. So, this morning I know that sometimes you feel unworthy to come, but I am saying, 'Let the little children come to Me. Don't forbid them.' You are welcome. Draw near to My presence, I'll work in you. I'll pour out My mercy on You. I'll give you a new heart, new desires, just come!" says the Lord. ---given by Tom

June 17 2012

I have a word for the young people in the Church that can hear my voice. The Lord is saying, "I am calling you to be filled with My Holy Spirit. I am calling you to pursue your God and be filled with My Spirit. Take your place and exercise your gifts, and not be passive but, be aggressive! I am calling you to seek relationships with older ones who will mentor you, train you. I am calling you to rise up and take your place of leadership in My Kingdom and in My Church! I am calling you to a dangerous life. I am not calling you to safety and security. I am calling you to dare. I am calling you to go. I am calling you to be My Disciples!" ---given by Tom

June 10 2012

The Lord is speaking, "There is a lovely people this morning. I am speaking of you. You are a lovely people, clothed in My righteousness, garbed with My glory. There is something you must know," says the Lord. "I am saying this... you are not defined by your past. You are not as your past says you were, but you are what is in My future for you. That is your identity. Your identity does not lie in your past. Your identity is in My wonderful planned future for you. I have clothed you with the robe of righteousness, a white garment purchased with My blood. Walk in newness." says the Lord. ---given by Tom

June 3 2012

The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower; the righteous will come to it. At the mention of the name, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! ---given by Abigail

"Truly," says the Lord, "your sins which are many have been forgiven you. By the power of My blood, your shortcomings, your faults, your missing the mark, your sins which have offended Me," says the Lord, "have been forgiven you at the Cross! So I say unto you this morning, 'There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.' Truly, even as I have extended this forgiveness to you, you are to extend it in the same manner to those around you. Yes, even to those who have offended you. Have you forgiven them? For just as I have forgiven you, I have forgiven them. You are to declare their forgiveness. There is no room for judgment," says the Lord, "for those who are saved. Truly even as you are forgiven, I have forgiven them. And who are you to be stronger than Me? If I have forgiven them, you need to do the same. For I am the Lord, a blanket for you by My blood of My Cross." ---given by Pastor Mark

May 13th, 2012

The Holy Spirit, I believe is speaking to some of us. Some of us have let our dreams not die, but go to sleep. The Lord has given us some dreams, some things He has planted in our mind and heart to accomplish. And because it's big, you don't know how it would ever happen or come to pass or maybe people have discouraged you. Maybe, people have put down your dream. Maybe, you have not gotten an encouraging hint, but that's a test. The Lord has been saying, "Don't let your dream die. Let your dream survive!" There are so many things that are so big that only He can accomplish and the Lord wants to do those things that He has planted in your mind. He doesn't want you to say, 'Oh my, I can't do that!' Because He'll be glorified as He does those things through you. So, dreams wake up.! ---given by Tom

May 6th, 2012

"My Body, the Body of Christ, fills up the entire world. My Body, the Body of Christ, is in every location and in every nation. We're part of that Body of Christ. I have given you, My people, a place, a gift, a function, a ministry and an interest that may not be exactly like those around you. But, lift it up. I have given you something special, something unique. Something that will make you very different from others as you look around. But, I have given it to you. Don't think there isn't a place for you or the gift I have given to you. My Body, the Body of Christ is very large, very expansive. There is a place for you to fit. Rejoice and be glad in how I have made you." God does all things well! ---given by Tom

April 29, 2012

The Lord says this this morning, "There are people here that are broken, really broken. Someone is really broken. Ready to give up." The Lord is saying to you this morning, "I have everything you need. You think I don't see your pain. You think I don't see your circumstances. You think you are all alone. You think no one knows your pain, no one understands." The Lord is saying, "I know every intimate detail of your life, and I love you!" says the Lord. "I can wipe away all the sin of the past. I can cause you to walk in My Spirit into a wonderful existence! Don't fear the past!" says the Lord. "Just put your trust in Me. I can even use the past to bless. Don't give up," says the Lord. "Don't think you can't walk with God." The Lord is saying, "You can and I will help you. Yes! This is for you!" ---given by Tom

April 22, 2012

I had this thought that came into my heart. It was one that someone was going to attack our family, our distant brothers and sisters. I saw Israel's flag and on it there were water spots, but I had to look a second time. You probably saw me over there. I was actually looking at the flag. The thought was that what hit our family's house was bloodshed right across the flag. There is going to be bloodshed on our brothers and sisters of adoption, on their houses, their land, their very lives simply will be lost. By adoption they are our family members. It would be the same as going into your sister's or brother's house and simply slaughtering them. Think about that! ---given by Bridget

PASTOR'S NOTE: This prophecy concerning Israel is a warning. It is a call for prayer for God to protect the Jewish people.

The Spirit is saying to the Church this morning, "You are sometimes satisfied with little. I am a God of abundance! I am generous. I am not stingy. I am very generous. I desire to increase you, My people. Even as My Word says, God blesses His people and all ends of the Earth will fear Him. When people see My blessing upon you, it causes them to fear Me." The Lord is saying, "Don't be satisfied with a little." He is not only speaking of material things, but also increase in the Spirit, the Spiritual realm too, and even in your influences, people of God. Don't be satisfied with a little when God gives much. Stretch your faith, stretch your imagination. ---given by Tom

April 15, 2012

"Some of you are thinking I cannot use your story. You're thinking I can use someone else's story, but I can't use your story. Your life and the circumstances in your life are a story. You need not share all the painful details of your story, but I will use the pain in the past to help you tell your story. Your story of My redemption in your life will draw people to Me. Don't wish that you had a different story. Your story is your own. I will use your story. Don't be ashamed of the past," says your Lord. "For I will redeem even the painful and the shameful things of the past. I'll use even that which has been dark in the past to bring light into the future for people. I am greater than all your needs. I am greater than all your brokenness and I can heal it all," says the Lord. "I am the one who will accomplish healing in your life. As you are healed then you will bring hope." ---given by Tom


The Lord says, "Build My Church. Build it as a safe place. Build it as a refuge from the storms of life. Build it as a safe haven to which those that are wrecked and ruined by the storms of life can come and be healed. Find My love to restore. Find My healing. Find My gift in life in the midst of all the death, darkness and ruin in the world. Build My Church. I have given each of you gifts. Don't say, 'Someone else has the gift.' I have given each one of you a gift. As you exercise that gift, you add to the building as a spiritual building block. Then I will build My Church. Don't only be a taker, but also be a giver. Be a contributor. Add your brick. Add your block. Add your timber to My house. Build My house. Build My Church!" ---given by Tom

I speak to those here who have made some new beginnings, taken some fresh steps in recent days toward God. The Lord would say to you who have taken fresh steps and made new beginnings. "I will not leave you. I will not forsake you. Yes, I have a fresh wind to back you up. I am a fresh breath in your ear. Listen to Me for I am causing you to go forward, I will not turn My back from My intention of backing you with My victorious right hand." says the Lord. "Yes I have seen your faltering ways in the past, but truly in this day I would have you take confidence in yourself and even more confidence in Me for I will carry it through. I will uphold you and I will do it. Don't even think of turning back for I will carry you on." says the Lord. ---given by Pastor Mark

I have been thinking, today is the day of new beginnings. Every day is the day of new beginnings for every morning His mercy is anew. The past is behind us. We must remember the past has nothing to do with where you are today or where we are going tomorrow. By faith we step out and believe that the future is God's. He will lead us and guide us, so let us not fear to enter in that place of rest that He has called us. ---given by Wendell

I hear God saying to us this morning, "Listen! I want you to listen to Me. You need to listen to Me and do what I say. You want Me to bless you, you want Me to do things for you and in your lives. You need to listen to Me and do what I ask you to do. You do when your earthly bosses ask, sometimes, even when you don't want to, but just do what I ask you to do." ---given by Ethan

"As you will lift your hands and your hearts to Me, I know you struggle with obedience. But, I will give you the grace and the power, even the desire, to do My will and walk in My ways. Humble yourselves before Me. Acknowledge that apart from Me, you can do nothing. You can do nothing apart from My desires and My power within you. But the Lord gives grace to those who humble themselves. He resists the proud. He resists those who say because of their experience or their knowledge, they can walk in My ways, but the Lord gives grace to those who will humble themselves. Acknowledge that apart from Me, you can do nothing. I can give you the desire and the power to follow Me. I can give it to you! I can give it to you!"---given by Tom

"I have overcome and I have called you also to overcome, as I have led the way." ---given by Brian

"Some of you are thinking: I can't overcome. Others can overcome. I see that one; he can overcome, but I cannot overcome." But the Lord is saying to you this morning, "Though your strength be little, My strength in you is great. The inner power of the Spirit can accomplish all things for you. I can set your life straight. I can put you on the right path. I can strengthen you to walk in My Spirit. I have good in store for you. If you lean on your own or put confidence in your own strength, you will fail. But if you lean on the everlasting God, I will set you on a bright and a shining path. You will not need to stay laying in the darkness. I will set you on your feet. I will make you a witness to others. I will bring you out of the darkness and into the light." ---given by Tom

"You are the beloved Church. Just remember that I hold you in the cup of My hand. I am your protection. I am your provider. I am your healer. I am your all-in-all. Please remember that you are in the cup of My hand and... I am." ---given by Shelly

"My name is the Lord, the strong tower. The Righteous One! My name is Jesus, your Father. Call it! Call Jesus all the time. In your darkest hour. I love it when you call my name." ---given by Abigail

"You are going to have to learn to hear My whispers," the Lord says. "You're going to have to hear in the quiet, the whispers of God! I have great inspiring plans for you, but they will be communicated to you in whispers. Do not expect Me to show them to you. You are My people who I am training to hear My voice. Hear My voice first, then take action." ---given by Tom

I am seeing a vision right now. In fact, seeing a vision surprises me. What I am seeing is a man who is really God with a hammer and chisel. Hammering and chiseling away at some object like a statue. The sense I get of this picture is of God, hammering away on us to form us to be more like Jesus. The words I get with it are, "Don't resist!" Whatever God is doing in your life, don't resist.----given by Pastor Mark

The vision of that statue, I was just made aware of what happens, if we do resist, when the sculptor hits the chisel. The slightest movement of the statue will deflect the intentions of that chisel point and it will mar the product. It is imperative that the statue, that block of marble, stay put for that perfect likeness to be brought out of it. ---given by Wendell

"Is there anything too difficult for Me? What's impossible for man is possible for Me. All you have to do is ask. I am a giver and I love to give. It brings Me so much joy when you receive. So children, all I am asking of you is to receive. Receive because I am a good God and I am a giver." ---given by Sue

"The greatest days are still ahead!" The Lord says, "Don't fear the darkness that is coming upon the face of the earth. Don't be distressed because as the darkness gets blacker and blacker, My church will shine brighter and brighter. The nation will be drawn to the light even as a moth is attracted to the light. The greatest days of My church yet lie ahead." ---given by Tom

I am reminding you there was darkness in Egypt, but remember that there was light also.---given by Abigail "Trust Me in the first things to come, For I have placed My Spirit within you. The same Spirit that quickened My mortal body while I was on the earth, lives in you. I overcame so that you can overcome. Yield to My Spirit. You will overcome." Praise the Lord!---given by Abigail

"Yes! I want you to know that I love you and I am here. When you experience trials, don't look at them as trouble but as an opportunity to grow." ---given by Brian

The Lord is saying, "I have called for the Fire of God, the Fire of Praise, the Fire of My Spirit to be upon you. The Word says, "I will praise You yet more and more!" The Lord is saying, "You have not yet reached the heights of praise and worship to which I have called you. You have not yet reached it! But I am bringing you along," says the Lord. "Don't be discouraged. I am bringing you. I am taking you there. I am taking you to a place where literally praise and worship will open up the windows of heaven. So I will pour out signs and wonders and miracles in your midst." Then the Lord is saying, "It will not stop there, but young people in your midst, young ones in your midst, the little ones, you can't imagine it now!" says the Lord. "They will receive this anointing of praise and worship. They will take this fire of God out to the nations and they will stand in the market places. They will sing my praises and they will play instruments not only skillfully, but with the passion of God in their hearts. The fire of God will come and smoke that sacrifice and the people of the nations will see the miracles in us." ---given by Tom

Calling you out
I am calling you out on the water
Come spend time with me on the water
Listen to My voice, do not be distracted by the wind
For "I AM" is calling You out.
Clean your hands, so you can come closer.
Increase your expectation, anticipation
For it will open the Heavens.
I want to lay My mantle down upon you.
Increase your expectation, anticipation
come walk on the water.
Gates swing wider with each step you take
the Heavens will open wide
Again! Increase your expectation, anticipation
For I am calling you out on the water.---given by Bridget

See child, this is what I mean. God's children are like sheep; stubborn and stupid. They refused to walk on water (spirit) and get their feet (our life) wet (uncomfortable) because when you walk in the Spirit (water) it involves conviction, repentance, sacrifice and surrender of your will.---given by Susie

It is a new year and it's not really in My time, but it is a time you can step out on faith with the renewing process. Nail those problems, those things that plague you, finally nail them completely onto My cross because I want to complete that work in you. Believe in Me. I am here for you.---given by Shelly

The Lord says, "I love you the way that I have made you. I delight in you the way I have made you. Listen to the sound of your voice, that's the way I made your voice. Look at the size of your height, your stature. I delight in that. It's the way I made you. Look at your nose," the Lord says. "I love the way I have made your nose. I have made you the way I have chosen." The Lord looks on what He has made and says "It's good! I want you, My children, to agree with your God. I made you the way it pleases Me. I want you to look in the mirror and say, 'The Lord has made me. He has done well.' Because the way I made you pleases Me!" says the Lord. ---given by Tom

The Word says God will bless us, and all the ends of the earth will fear Him. (Isa.67:7) "I desire to bless you- to bless you, My people, beyond your comprehension or imaginations. I desire to bless you in order that you would stand out in the world as a blessed people. So that all the ends of the earth might look at you, might see that city set on a hill, might see you as a blessed people and that they would be drawn to Me, the Blesser. Don't be afraid to receive My blessings," says the Lord. "Because when the world sees My blessings upon My people, they will be drawn to the Blesser. I build My kingdom as the world sees the blessing of God upon His people." ---given by Tom

I think this is from the Lord, but it is really funny. I saw a picture like in the comics when someone gets struck by lightning or gets electrocuted-- they jump up in the air and their arms and legs fly out to the sides, shaking. Well, I think God wants to bless us in every atom of our bodies in an electrocution style, to the uttermost and innermost until we are thoroughly blessed. ---given by Marcia

The Lord says unto you, "I have set the clock back. Some of you who are growing older, I would say, 'I am renewing your vigor as a younger man.' I am setting back time for some of you," says the Lord, "according to your faith in Me. I would say today, as you commune with Me, I will restore physical bodies. I will restore health. I will restore minds." says the Lord. "I am turning back the clock for those who are putting their trust in my cross. For I died, and by My stripes I brought healing to you. For I would say to you that this is an hour for you to trust in Me for restorations of physical bodies." ---given by Pastor Mark

"Be of good cheer! I have overcome the world! And the same Spirit that lived in Me, lives in you. That same power that made Me accomplish righteousness, lives in you. You can overcome the world." ---given by Brian

I feel like the Lord is telling us this morning, "Times three! Times Three!" That's what's going through my mind, "Times three!" Look around and see the little flock that is gathered here and then envision: times three. Times three! Why? To build our own little thing here? No! We would love to see 10,000 people around this city following God. Yes, 10,000 people-- that's what we desire. It's a good place to start. Look at this Church and just say, "Times Three!" It is not about adding one or two here, but times three. People who are following God. People who are making an impact. People who are worshippers. People who are fanatic about going to church-- times three! **Lord, we believe that when You give us a vision and hope, we are to actively pursue it. Lord, don't add to your kingdom, but multiply your kingdom right here. Lord, bring in the hungry, the hurting, the despairing and the hopeless. Turn their lives around, Father. Out in this community, bring us to them. The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" We are the ones that are to invite by the Spirit. Yes, God is wooing, but we are His mouthpiece. We are his Body, we are His voice. Lord, give us the boldness; fill us with your Spirit! Give us boldness to speak Your Word and to invite others into the Kingdom of God, to a relationship with Jesus Christ who can help us, heal us, Times Three! Times three quickly, Lord. There will be Your Kingdom in this City! Amen.** ---given by Tom

"You see in My Word where it says, 'By my stripes you are healed!' I will meet your needs according to My riches in glory, not according to what you please. Yet, so many times I see you accept a doctor's prognosis. You accept the state of your finances. You accept what the world is telling you. I am telling you to set your faith in Me. Set your faith higher. Seek Me until you cannot seek Me anymore. Seek Me until you get an answer to your prayers. Follow Me because I want to be the God that does for you." ---given by Shelly

"My people, I challenge you. When you are in your darkest places, there I am with you. Don't think that you are alone. I am there with you. When you think that your faith is not enough, reach out to Me because I want to meet your need. I want to be there with you. Don't think that your arms are too short to reach out to Me. Don't think that My arms can't reach you. I am there for you. ---given by Shelly

What Shelly said really confirms what God has been saying to me. Even the verse sung in the song, "How great God is!" Those words are true even today. When the children of Israel came to a brink, when they felt they couldn't go on, the Lord led them through. There are things in our lives that hold us back; God is ready to put those things down and under. Then the children were dancing as those Jericho walls came down. We need to remember that when God puts those things down we arise and conquer it and be joyful about it. And in the next verse, when they came up to Jericho, what an impossibility! Those walls were so big. So big, they couldn't even imagine how those walls were going to fall down, but they trusted God. And when they did, God came to the rescue. It wasn't them walking around those walls that made them fall down. They could have stomped and the walls would never have fallen down. That was a great and mighty act of God because of their obedience to trust Him. ---given by Denise

"I am the creator. I am the creator from the smallest blade of grass to the highest mountain peak. I am the creator of all ... the vastness of the universe, the un-testable smallness of the atom. I am the creator of it all. I am the God who walks with you. I am the creator of the ends of the earth and I am a God who has set My love upon you. There is nothing too difficult for Me." ---given by Tom

"I desire to breathe out a fresh breath upon you," says the Lord. "Let a fresh wind blow through this church. I am not finished with you. In fact, I have only begun. I am looking for hearts; I am looking for hearts that are open, willing to be refreshed, refurbished and renovated. I am looking for lives that are hungry. So I ask, 'Will you open your souls to Me? Will you open your days and nights so I can blow fresh wind even in the night as well as the days? Blow freshly on you through prayer? Make My word more life to you?'" "It is My desire," says the Lord, "To blow freshly upon the church." ---given by Pastor Mark

"Oh My heart is broken! My people, on the day you chose to eat of the fruit that I commanded you not to eat. It grieved Me because fellowship between you and me was broken. Ever since that time, I longingly, lovingly, mercifully have drawn upon your heart to come to Me. To walk again in the garden, the garden of My love, the garden of My comfort. The garden of My peace that I have created for you that We could fellowship together. Then My heart rejoiced greatly when that veil was rent, the blood of My son was shed. So boldly! The gate of fellowship once again! Open! That We might commune face to face, heart to heart in that garden. A new garden, diced out, the gates shall prevail against hell. That our love would consummate into oneness that no one, no power, no demon, no force of evil will gainsay or resist that bond. For that bond is a bond that will develop a creative foundational world. The Foundation, My plan will be fulfilled!" says the Lord. ---given by Wendell

"Do not think I am punishing you when I reduce you. For did I not reduce Gideon's Army? I am purposely reducing you. My purpose is that My strength might be apparent in your life." ---given by Marcia

Step into what I have promised you. Do not stay where you are. Do not just hear a promise, hope for a promise, or want the promise, but I say STEP into the promise. TAKE some action. MOVE! CLAIM IT! Step into it. Step out of where you are. Step into the promise. I am a God who wants to do things that are exceedingly abundant above what you are asking or thinking. So know, you are not locked into where you are, but you must take action. You must take initiative or step into what I promised you. ---given by Kari

I feel the Lord wants to speak to the Church here. That there are some unlikely people. You think you're unlikely and others may think you are unlikely. But the Lord is putting His finger on you, His Spirit on you and calling you to the nations. ---given by Tom

I believe there is an element of the Kingdom of God here. Not only are you being sent out from America to Malawi, but there is an element of the Kingdom of God in Malawi that God wants you to bring back here. ---given by Wendell

The Lord says, "You are like a multi-faceted diamond. Not one side, but many sides to reflect the light of the SON, (S-O-N)." The Lord is saying that, "I delight in your unity, but I also delight in the different ways I have made you to reflect My light. Don't despise the facet that you are, for the members of My body are facets of that diamond. You all join together in one beautiful, lovely gem that the light will be reflected. You will be brilliant in your diversity. I am able to cut the stone so all the facets are pieced together into a beautiful diamond that reflects My light. I have made one this way and another that way. All of you in your loving differences, but together you'll be a brilliant diamond, a beautiful gem to reflect My glory." ---given by Tom

"You have asked Me to reign in you. I want you to know, it is My pleasure to reign in you." ---given by Abigail

"Behold...My creation! I created everything on earth and everything that it contains. Afterward, I reviewed Myself and My creation. Why is it that you do not believe I am? That I can do all things? Oh...My people, I long...I LONG to pour out My presence upon you. That the whole world might be new and restored, the Earth turning good and all it contains. I have made the way for My people to be restored and you are My chosen vessels. That you might spread My love, My compassion, My hope to My children who are lost and dying. I love My children." ---given by Wendell

"I look at you and see what I have created, and I see that it is good. I want you to walk in that. Walk in that! Because I have created your body. I have created your lives. I have guided you step by step and I will that you walk in that which is good. Honor Me with your bodies. Honor Me with your finances. Honor Me with your lives because I will pour out that which is good." ---given by Shelly

"My children, if I did not allow difficult circumstances in your life, how could you even prove to others that your God saves? My children, I will allow not only difficult circumstances, but ... listen to Me," says the Lord, "I will allow impossibilities in your life that you might see Me save. Don't look at the natural for how you will solve those difficulties. Look to your God, for I am real. To the things I have allowed, I am allowing you to see that your God saves. I will save! Then the world will see through you that your God works mightily on your behalf. They will be drawn to Me!" says the Lord. ---given by Tom

Walls surround me so I keep crying out. Waiting for my rescue, overwhelmed with grieving, feeling like every breath may be my last. Lord, save me from this box. Loud harp, thunder rolls, the Lord speaks, "I have set my Son free!" Walls surround me so I sit crying out. Waiting for my rescue, overwhelmed with possibilities. Feeling like there is no way out. Lord, save me from this box. The lighting flash, the wind blast, the Lord speaks. "My Son will walk with you for you have been forgiven!" There is no box. Surrounded by my worries so I sit crying out, waiting for my rescue, feeling too far gone. Lord save me from this place. The ground shakes, the mountain moves, lost hope the Lord speaks. "You have been forgiven, there are no chains, my Son will bring you hope. You have a future!" ---given by Bridget

I see a picture of a battlefield. In that battlefield there are many that fall. They are destroyed by the enemy, but not really destroyed. Just as in war, there are many martyrs. There are people who die for the cause and we as Christians, have surrendered our lives to Him. In that war we face, there are times when it seems the enemy has victory, but God says, just like war, a soldier who dies for the cause is rewarded. He gets the Crown, gets honored. Those who are wounded are honored with a Purple Heart. It is the same way--God does not leave us unrewarded. He sees when we fall. He sees the pain and sorrow, the tribulation we are faced with, but it's not in vain. He says to endure, to stand up. You will be rewarded. The cause is good! The fight is good, so fight the good fight! ---given by Brian

Do you see the dry bones turn into flesh and live again? For all their might, they are still dry. But it is I that can make them turn into flesh again. I am able to demonstrate things. ---given by Brian

Yes Lord! We do believe You can redeem the lost. Yes Lord! We believe You can heal the sick. Yes Lord! We believe that You can put together marriages. Yes Lord! We believe You can turn dry bones into flesh. ---given by Pastor Mark

Lord, we give You honor. We are born to give You praise. We are Your unique creation. Come guide us. Come lead us. Into sin we are born, but not by Your design. You know our every thought and our ways, so grace begins inside. We were born to give You honor. We were born to give You praise. We are your unique creation. Come guide us. Come lead us. Come guide us!. ---given by Shelly

Release to Me your broken strength. Release it in the name of Jesus. I will tell you; you will not make it with your strength. You are weak. There are many of you who are weak in this room. I tell you; release your broken strength in Me. I tell you the truth. Listen! You will find strength in the glory of God almighty! Release it in the name of Jesus! ---given by Amy

Oh Lord, we receive your strength. They who wait on the Lord will renew their strength; will mount up with wings of eagles. They will run and not be weary. They will walk and not be faint. They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. Lord, we know there is a condition in there. You will renew our strength if we will wait on You. Lord, we wait on You! (Isa.40:31) ---given by Tom

I am able! I am able to bless you. I am willing to bless My people. I am willing to bless My children. I am a God of blessing. For I delight in blessing you. My Heart is to bless you! ---given by Tom

The Lord is speaking to a few here today that feel dead. You feel there is no life in you. You need to be revived. You need to be revitalized. As we were praying and worshiping, I saw the Spirit of the Lord breath life back into it. He resuscitated that dead life. He brought it back to life anew. Most of us, we die in this world. We die because life is hard. Life is dry. Life is a drag sometimes. Yet, God is there to resuscitate us, revive us. Let us allow Him to breathe His life into us, to breathe that fresh air of revitalizing power, that life-giving experience into us. So that we would be renewed as an eagle that flys and soars above the heights. Because that's the only life that we're going to be able to give to those that are dead out there. ---given by Wendell

Trust Me! Stretch in what you think in every matter I can do, and I can do more. You need to seek Me until you can't seek Me anymore. Find what you are looking for. Do not give up--because I do want to bless you. I do want to make this real! I do want to heal you! I do want to meet your financial needs! Believe in Me! ---given by Shelly

God is speaking that perseverance is really important in our lives and something important to God. He desires that we would have perseverance. Faith and patience go together. Sometimes the promises of God are fulfilled quickly and when they are not fulfilled quickly, then God has a reason for that. He is building perseverance in our lives which is very important to Him. So the Lord is speaking the promises...the fulfillment of promises is coming. Persevere.---given by Tom

There is hope! There is hope for you. No matter what is going on, there is hope for you! ---given by Pastor Mark

"Many of your minds are bursting with thoughts. Some of those thoughts are from Me and some of those thoughts are not from Me," says the Lord."I will free you from confusion and bewilderment of mind. Some here today I would say to you, READ My Words! Ingest My book! Take to heart what I have spoken and what has been recorded of Me," says the Lord. "I will clear your minds. I will dispel confusion. I will bring health to you today. Even as you set aside thoughts from the world, thoughts that are not from Me," says the Lord. "For My words are able to clear your minds and give you direction for life and guidance in the way that is good. So you can be prosperous and successful in this world as well as the next." --given by Pastor Mark

Oh worshipers! I saw worshipers. I saw a big crowd gather here! I said, "The path has to be cleared!" And the Lord said, " The path has already been cleared! Your time of mercy is coming to a close. You Know what is right. Your heart issued it. My time of judgment is coming near. To get My children ready I am going to have to help them. It's going to be difficult and the valleys are going to be deeper." We do know what we are doing. We know what's right. He is kind of giving us a wakeup call. "Don't let the world define what I have sanctioned; what I have said is important." What He is really saying to me in this ministry is: one, He loves me! He loves us! He loves them. He loves prophets and them together. Do not be duped into thinking that the ministry is in some foreign country or somewhere else. Your family unit is the biggest speaker you could ever have. Put that spouse first! It will be hard. Put that crown on him and say, "That is serving my Lord." On all those hard days, you say, "I am serving my Lord because He is calling me." That is what God is saying. He knows Satan is attacking. He is attacking our kids. He is attacking our families. You know what is right and it's going to get hard. It's time to quit it. ---given by Bridget

"My children, I know you love Me and I know that you need Me. But, do you love one another? That is My great command: that you love another. My kingdom begins in your heart. When you love one another you have fulfilled My commandment. So forgive and take no offense! Do not give the devil a chance. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Love one another." ---given by Sue

The Lord your God has given His one and only Son that He may die for your sins. He died so that you may be free from the sins the devil may put on you. Do not say that any one task is too great for you, for did not My son die on the cross and rise again? Did He not conquer death? He pleaded in the garden to let Him live, yet I had Him die and defeat death. Do not say any task is too great for you. Just call upon Me and I will be there. ---given by Michael

"Your job is to lift Me up. Your job is not to change people's hearts. Your job is not to change their attitudes or behavior. Your job is to lift Me up as the Crucified One for their sins, as the Risen One for their life, for their salvation. Your job is to lift Me up in your consideration. Your job is to lift Me up in your life choices. Your job is to lift Me up by proclaiming Me. I am the One who saves. I am the One who redeems. I will change lives. Don't think on that which is impossible for you. You lift Me up and I will draw people: men, women, boys, girls, old people. If I am lifted up then I will draw all unto Me," says the Lord. "I desire to build My kingdom that My kingdom would expand," says the Lord. "That it would cover the earth," says the Lord. "That it would cover this community. You lift Me up and I will do the work," says the Lord. ---given by Tom

"Why don't you give Me everything? I have given you everything. I have given you My Word to lead you and guide you, the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you. So give everything in your life to Me because I am the One calling you. I am the One helping you with your problems. I am the One helping you with your finances. You need to seek Me for the answers." ---given by Shelly

"Haven't I spoken; I, Yahweh? Except I, Yahweh, build the house they labor in vain who build it. You are My house, My people. That work I began in you, I will perform it until My Son is revealed in and through you. Have faith! Believe that the foundation has been laid: My Son, Jesus Christ. From that foundation, I will build the house where I will dwell. My blueprint has been already given and must be followed. If you stray from that blueprint, the house will not be complete. It will fail. But I the Lord your God have decided and determined that My house will be built based on My design, not the design of anyone else. So, have faith My sons and My daughters, I am building My house in you. Trust Me! Trust in Me and we will be victorious and we will complete it together. ---given by Wendell

"Why? Why do you withhold secret things from Me? Because you know that I already know of them. Give them up to Me! Give them up to Me! I want to help you with them. When you are weak, that is when I am strong."---given by Shelly

"These words are not just for someone else, but for you," says the Lord. "Yes, I have allowed things in your lives-- mountains of obstacles. You look at them and say, 'I can't get over that! I can't have victory over that!' But it says in the Word: mountains and obstacles are not too great for you. If you can get over them and overcome them on your own strength, then there would be no glory for Me, but I have appointed you for victory. I have appointed you for overcoming. Continue to exercise your faith in Me even when you are weary, even when you feel like giving up, even when you feel like you're not overcoming. Continue! Put your faith in Me, your trust in Me. Don't trust in your own goodness. Don't trust in your abilities. Just trust in Me and I will lead you in the right path and I will give you all that you need. I order things and I have ordained and appointed that you, My followers, will overcome. I overcame and you, My people, will also overcome. Follow on!" says the Lord, "You will overcome!" ---given by Tom

"I am here upon you to cover you, no matter what trials you are now going through. I am in charge!" says the Lord." I am above every storm in your life. I am above every obstacle, even financially," says the Lord. "I will not let you go for I have chosen you, I have ordered you to even overcome in these days. Look to Me and be radiant; for I will lift you up. I shall supply your needs. Yes, even your innermost ones. Look to Me for I am your full supplier!" ---given by Pastor Mark

"I have set you ablaze! I have provided the oil. The world has provided water. They have filled the sacrifice with water, but even as fire came down and consumed the sacrifice, it ate up all the water so I can do the same with you. Be the sacrifice. I will provide the oil. I will send the fire." ---given by Brian

"Behold! Today, don't look at the world, but look at Me. I am the Author and the Finisher. I am the One to meet the needs of your finances. I am! I am!" ---given by Shelly

"There are some things which you need to give to Me," says the Lord, "because if you try to carry them, they will wear you out." ---given by Tom

"Some of you have made a really good start. Some of you have gone on further. I would say to each of you that no matter where you are with Me today, I will give you power to continue. I am here to live inside of you by almighty, creation-type power. I knowingly created the will to continue with Me," says the Lord. "Yes, I've given you My Word to daily encourage you. I've given you My Spirit to live inside of you and yes, I will require no excuses from you, for My powers are mighty within you. I would say that you have taken some first steps, continue with Me. You shall find a greater happiness than you ever experienced, for I am mighty within you and I will fulfill My desires in you. You shall sense a completion, a new purpose in your life that you have not felt before. Take the next steps! I am faithful and I will do it inside of you."---given by Pastor Mark

From the cross, your debt has been paid. You do not owe Me anything more for sin. The debt has been fully paid and you are free from guilt and shame of the past. ---given by Tom

I have given you the power of My words. I don't want you to stay in your comfort zone anymore. Don't just stay in the church and stay in your comfort zone. Go out and save the lost! Bring them back to Me! Show them the true power of My grace. ---given by Michael C.

"These are the days of preparation. Yes, I am preparing you for My day, the day of judgment," says the Lord. "Judgment is the day of preparation for your eternal place with Me in heaven. Yes, I've prepared for you a wonderful place near My throne. I have prepared a place for you for all eternity with Me. Yes, I am reserving a place by My power for you to be with Me."

"So don't think it strange if you go through a difficult wilderness type of time. How would I know what's in your heart unless I've sent a wilderness to test you? Truly, I went through a wilderness and I brought My people Israel through the wilderness. And I will bring you through your wilderness. The purpose is so that you might know Me and know what's in your own heart. I am preparing you for this special place with Me. Be faithful even until death and I will give you a crown of life."---given by Pastor Mark

"I overcame the world and I overcame everything that opposes Me, but remember it didn't always look like I had overcome. On Good Friday and the day that followed, it did not look like I stood in victory. It looked like, for the world to see, that I had been defeated, but when Sunday morning came and I stepped out of the grave, I stepped out of the darkness into the light and then it was shown that overcoming was My destiny. I would say to you, my sons and daughters, that overcoming is also your destiny. You may go through experiences where it looks like to those around you that you are not overcoming, but you will pass through those times and you will come out into resurrection victories. Be patient during those times when you seem to be in the grave because I will bring resurrection. You'll live and you will overcome. It's My destiny for you." ---given by Tom

I am hearing God saying, "I want to use you ...specifically you. I want to use you!" ---given by Ethan

"My children, remember My way is not your way. My thoughts are not your thoughts. Just as heaven is higher than the earth, so is My way and than your way. Remember, I just ask you to try to understand, I just ask you to believe. Just believe in Me." ---given by Sue

"My kingdom is not of this world; therefore, do not look to this world for your victory, for your satisfaction, for your security, but set your affection on things above not on the things of this earth. You will be fulfilled in the overcoming life that I have promised, that I have exemplified and that I have prepared for you." ---given by Wendell

"To see miracles, healings and a gift of faith, you need to be a little nervy. You need to cast aside fear of man. You need to put Me first. Follow Me and forget about other people's opinions. You just need to walk slowly in My Holy Spirit and you will see new gifts of dramatic miracles happening in your midst." ---given by Kari

"You have been given a foundation and that foundation is Me. If you build upon it, it will not fall! But if you build on a different foundation, be assured it will fall." ---given by Brian

"These are the days for action," says the Lord. "These are the days to rise up out of the trenches. These are the days to go over the top, for I would say to you that the impulses I have given you, now is the time to act on them. For I say to you, if you're going to praise, praise now. If you're to sing, sing now. If you're going to work, work now. So these are not just times to pray, not just times to dream, not just times to think, for this is the day for action," says the Lord. "What I have given you to do, do it now. If you can think it, I can do it. If you can speak it, I can do it," says the Lord. "For I have sick people I want to see healed. I have people who need to know Me. I have given you thoughts; whatever impulses I have put in your spirit, do it in this season," says the Lord. "It shall honor Me and it shall honor you!" ---given by Pastor Mark

"Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world. Do not be overcome by the world, but overcome the world by your faith in Me." ---given by Sue

"My children, know that no matter what obstacle stands in your way, no matter what trial, no matter what difficulty, there is nothing that can stand in your way that I have not already conquered. I am the Overcomer and in Me you will overcome. Fear not for I am that, I am all that you need Me to be".---given by Wendell

It's like the Spirit of God is calling forth the Spirit of Healing to fall on people who are in need. If you have been crying out to God for healing, go ahead and receive it this morning. Spirit of God, Jesus our healer we receive you this morning.---given by Pastor Mark

Haven't I said, "Your troubles, though they may be many, did I not promise to deliver you from all? Though your troubles be many, I will deliver you from them all!"---given by Ethan

Did I not tell you to leave Egypt, those things that keep us enslaved to the power of the existing physical world? As Pharaoh kept the Israelites in slavery to himself to do his will, to build his kingdom; so our enemy wants us under his thumb of slavery, to be unstable and never let go to be free to worship or to serve our God. As long as there is flesh and sin hanging on as bondage to weigh us down because of the power and sin of death. Thanks be to God! Thanks be to Jesus, who has set us free. He is the light of the world; the Way, the Truth, the Light! Thank You Jesus!---given by

"So many yet to be rescued. So many," says the Lord. "And so I have given you gifts to help in the rescue effort. I have given you life. I have given you health and I have given you a personality. I have given you interest and I have given you friends. I have given you a job. All these things are tools," says the Lord. "So use these tools that I have given you and help in the rescue effort," says the Lord. "I don't ask you to do it all. The task is huge. I only ask that you do your part. Use the tools and the connections and the gifts that I have given to you for there are many who are in a sad state and they need rescue. I will work through you. Use the gifts that I have given to you. I will raise you up as a rescuer," says the Lord.---given by Tom

The Lord is saying, "Wait patiently ...perhaps for Him. Be brave and creative." ---given by

This is to confirm your Healing.---given by Ethan

The Lord has been saying to me this morning that He is challenging us to use faith. He is still the God of action. In other words, when we walk by people we should expect that our shadows will cause people to be healed, to get saved. We should be expecting that. The Lord says, "Raise up your faith to believe Me because I am wanting to pour out My Spirit!"---given by Shelly

"You just need to ask and I will deliver you from all the things that are holding you. All the bondages you have enjoyed, I will take away because God desires it. Because you want me to take them away! I love you!" says the Lord. "I love you with an everlasting love. I will never leave you or forsake you, but you must choose. This day you must choose. In the valley of decision, you must choose Me."---given by Jill

This goes along with what the Lord has spoken through tongues, what the Lord spoke to Tom and this is confirmation. Jesus said we are light. Not to be put under a bushel basket, but on a hilltop and we are the salt of the earth. In the relationship in fact, there are needs out there that God is wanting to respond to. Restoration, bringing others in. What I am seeing and hearing is that the Lord did not necessarily make us a megaphone on a hill. He made us a light on a hill. That light is something people see and if we have apostasy in our hearts, they are seeing apostasy not the light of Christ. No matter what we speak, no matter what we preach, no matter how we feel, they are going to say they're hypocrites. God wants to shine His light in purity, holiness, compassion and love. So we walk down the street with that holiness and that light shining as a beacon. As we pass, the salt spreads out on the earth. Then people will see Jesus is in them. Then as Saint Frances of Assisi said, preach the gospel and when necessary use words.---given by Wendell

As we were worshiping, the Lord was saying to me and I am going to say it to you. He is about to create a new heart and a different, right way of thinking in the hearts of His children. That's you and me. In the hearts of His children. He wants you to receive it. He keeps telling me it will be so strange to us because we are so used to the things we are used to. Get ready for His new heart and His new, different, right thinking. ---given by Toni

I was thinking just one sentence. Be ready for the call. In other words, get ready! Get ready! For the third time, Get ready!---given by Bridget

God is speaking with numbers of people today. Some of it is private. The Bible says, "TODAY when you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts." Some things God is speaking to the whole congregation now or later. If that is you, then God has given you a voice. There is a Spirit of prophecy resting on some of you. ---given by Pastor Mark

The Lord says "Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary. His understanding no one can fathom. Who gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint." (Isa. 40:28-31 NIV) In our praise today, Lord, we have been like eagles. We have mounted up like eagles. We don't want to live like chickens on the ground. We want to be in your presence and we want your presence here. Thank you Lord for your presence. Thank you Lord for your assurance that you will give us strength when we need it. We have your assurance that You understand that we are made from dust, that our frames are human. That You can supply everything we need. Oh, God, THANK YOU! Thank You for the power You gave us through Your Spirit to live and walk in this world. Lord, we rejoice in You. For You, Lord are our strength. You are our strong tower to which we can go. Your word says nothing is impossible with You. Our own strength is nothing, but with You we can do all things. Thank You, Lord! ---given by Dorothy Auberg

"In every beat of the tambourine, I am bringing victory to you and your circumstances," says the Lord. "Every word of praise and thanks you give, I push back the enemies of your souls. I am here to strengthen you today. I am glorified when you put your faith and trust in Me!" says the Lord. "I am glorified as you open your mouths and confess to Me. My victory is over all. I would say to you today, with every drop of My blood from the cross, the enemy of your soul was defeated. I would say to you today, stand firm for I am giving you the victory!" says the Lord. ---given by Pastor Mark

"You are forgiven! You are forgiven My children! You are forgiven! My love covers a multitude of sins and I love you. Receive My love. Believe that I love you and you are forgiven! You are forgiven."--given by Sue

"I want to be generous. Don't say I cannot be generous. I will be generous to those I choose to be generous to. I am not stingy. It is My nature to give. It is My nature to be generous. More generous than the most liberal parents, the most giving parents. I put them to shame in My generosity towards you. So don't say I can't give to you, that I can't be generous. For I choose to be generous to you," says the Lord. ---given by Tom

"You don't ask! Why don't you ask? I own the cattle on a thousand hills. Just ask! My will is to give you all good things. Do not be afraid to ask. Don't worry about what others say. Don't worry about how the enemy might come in and tell you what should be happening because you don't deserve it. Just simply ask." ---given by Wendell

This morning the Lord wants us to step into His worship. He really wants us to step out in faith and believe Him because He wants to give to us. He gives to the world. When we step out in faith and worship Him, we step into the things He wants for us. So, use your faith and believe Him because He wants to move you, our church.---given by Shelly

You are standing in the favor of God. "Just as the sun is shining its rays down on the earth so is My favor shining on My people. Don't shade, don't put up an umbrella, and don't stop the rays from pouring out into your life. Even though the night comes, know that favor will come in the morning. I am for you and not against you. Reach out and take the blessings I am offering you. Reach out!" says the Lord. "Claim all the goodness I have for you. Know that even if it's night; yes, favor will come tomorrow, for I have ordered it," says the Lord. ---given by Pastor Mark

We shall be victorious! We will eat of the tree of life in the paradise of our God. You will not see the second death. You have been given the white stone engraved with your name on it; no one else will know, except the one who receives it. We are pillars in the temple of our God. We are citizens of heaven, so if we open our hearts to Him, He will come and sup with us. ---given by Rani

What is the difference between religion and Christianity? "He will come and sup with us." It's a relationship; it's not a religion. We are at that age where we are recognizing the only source of our life is our relationship with Jesus Christ. He wants us to be encouraged in that. ---given by Wendell

"There have been many times that when you hear prophecy you think of it in the future tense, but the thing is that I am right here now. I am here now to meet your needs! I want you to lift them up to Me for I am here now for you to be set free. I am here now!" ---given by Shelly

The Lord says," I have given My mercy and forgiveness to you so that you would extend grace, mercy and forgiveness to others."---given by Tom

The Lord is speaking to you this morning and he is saying to you, my son; to you, my daughter, that your past does not define you. "Hear Me! Your past, even your sinful choices in the past, now they do not define you. My life in you, My work in you, My spirit in you, My calling to a new and elevated life to walk in a higher place- that is what defines you. I define you! You are what I say you are. You are new, you are My beloved. You are My child. I am for you and not against you. Your sins and your iniquities I do not remember anymore. This is what defines you. You are a Holy and beloved people. You are the people of God. You are My chosen ones. This is how you are defined. This is who you are!" says the Lord.---given by Tom

"Don't say, 'I can't do it! I can't walk in this. I can't walk in that forgiveness. I can't walk in that pain.' Did I not give you the power? Isn't it the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead? I put that power at your disposal. Don't say, 'I can't do it.' Say, 'I can do it! I can do it in you.'"---given by Marcia

I am reminded of the veil in the Temple in the Old Testament. The veil was rent when Christ died on the cross. The Lord is saying at this point and time that our past has been rent from top to bottom. It's the only thing that was keeping us from seeing our freedom. God has rent our past from top to bottom. Our future is free from our past.---given by Wendell

There is a scripture that says, "You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a particular people to show forth the praises of Him who has called you from darkness into His marvelous light".---given by Abigail

"I will shield you, for I am your shield. I will protect you even as you obey Me. I am calling you to a radical commitment to Me. Yes, you! I am calling you to give yourself, gently, fully with zeal to Me. I will protect you. Don't be afraid, I am your protector. I am your great and mighty shield. I will deliver this far. Now is the time to fully give your heart, yourself, your body, your money, to Me", says the Lord. "I love you and I will not abandon you".---given by Pastor Mark

"I have not made you a reservoir, but I have made you a river. All the rivers flow to the sea, yet the sea does not overflow. I see that you are willing to be a river. Reservoirs are very impressive. They can be very, very large. They can be massive. They can look very good in the eyes of men, but rivers flow and maintain their level. They flow. I am pleased that you are willing to be a river. So, gladly let the river flow and be content."---given by Kari

"The story is not all in. The story is not finished yet. I am still writing, I am still writing into your life. I am writing into the life of the ones you love and are concerned about. Don't feel bad or discouraged if you don't like the story right now, for I am still writing it. Let the story flow. Let the details enrich the story. When the end comes, it will be satisfying to you. Hold on to your faith. I am doing a good thing. Hold on to your faith," says the Lord.---given by Tom

Prophecy Given New Year's Eve for 2010

My aim is to multiply, not add.

My Spirit is moving across this city and I am drawing the multitudes. Those who have not witnessed will witness. You are not the initiator. I am the Initiator and I am inviting you to work with me. I have compassion on the hurting in this city. I do not add to this church to glorify you, but to glorify my own name and that the knowledge of the Lord would cover this land. --given by Tom

A Confirming Word (from 2010)

This word is about small things. Really, really neat things come from something really, really small. Hold up your hands and look at them. You know you came from something so small that it was unseeable, yet it's you and me. This church has been small. Like most things, it began as a seed before it could grow into a great thing. This church has been planted. It has been unknown, unsought, but it has been loved and watered. "My sunshine has been shining on this body. You are going to be surprised because I have not forgotten you and soon you will see good things. I am going to do great things. You have been willing to be small and I have seen you and I have loved you. I am going to pour out My grace. I am going to pour out My sunshine. I am going to pour out My blessings. You are going to be so surprised because of My love, My grace and what I am going to do to you and through you." ---given by Kari

The Lord says, "I have overcome so that you can overcome."---given by Abigail

I was watching the Seahawks' game yesterday and I got so excited. I jumped and screamed, shouted and yelled because they won the game when they weren't supposed too. I am thinking to myself, "If I can highly express my worship and praise to God in that way, with that kind of passion, hell would fall down. How much more so, if we did it together?" I just had that revelation this morning. If I can get that excited over the Seahawks winning, I certainly can get excited over Jesus Christ and the Cross. So let's do it!---given by Wendell

When we were talking about God's grace, we were talking about how lavish God's grace is and that is a part of who He is. I had a picture come to mind. You recall those gag gifts that you gave kids, where there was a can and you unscrewed it, and out pops this springing thing? It doesn't look like it all fits in the can. I had this picture of God's grace being like in this can. We pray, "God, we need some grace for this," and take the lid off. It was like it kept coming, it just kept coming and coming out of this can until you could never get it back into the can. I just had a picture that this is what God's grace was like. It's like this thing that is all coiled up ready to go and we barely take the lid off and He is ready to spring it out on us, more and more... so take the lid off just a little bit.---given by Marcia

The Lord would encourage you today to believe in Him for things that seem impossible. I would have you believe for those things that you cannot produce, even things you have tried to produce and failed. Let Him do it. Even as I said to Mary, "Nothing shall be impossible with My help." ---given by Pastor Mark

The Lord would say to you, "Your needs are not greater than Me. I am greater! I am greater than your needs. Your needs are not greater than I. I am greater than your needs", says the Lord. "I am your Savior and I am your Helper! I am your deliverer and I am the Lover of your soul." ---given by Tom

A picture came to mind. Those of you who have seen little toddlers running around, sometimes they come up to the table, but they are really short and they don't see what's on the table. I envision that's us before the Lord. We are really small and He has this huge table so we don't see all of the provisions He has for us. If we let Him lift us up, then we can see what's on the table of provision for us. Peace and joy, just whatever we need is right there on the table, but sometimes we don't have the sight to see them. ---given by Denise

I am going to bring you into a bigger place, into a larger place. I am going to extend your tent pegs. When you are in a larger place you are going to see anew, with a new perception. You'll see from a new perception and you are going to see how small your problems really are. You are going to see and enjoy the largeness of this place. How quickly the problems are solved. How quickly the things can fall away and become unimportant as you occupy yourself with Me and My presence and My glory. You will be overwhelmed and you will be blessed.---given by Kari

We have been singing of how we give Him our lives. You know the saying that we should trust in Him. Even as close as we live on this earth, we should trust Him with our life. I hear Him saying this morning, "Trust Me! Trust Me!"---given by Abigail

"I want you to think about all the things I do in your life. All the little things, all the big things, everything that I do in your life. Then, when you are walking down the street, when you are in the mall and shopping and you come across people, people who do not know Me, just share with them. Just share with them! There is no reason to be fearful of rejection. I have gone before you and prepared the way. Just share with them the things I do, the little things, the big things. Just share!"---given by Shelly

The Lord says, "As darkness increases so I have determined a purpose that the light will grow brighter! The light above My Church will shine brighter. The glory of the Lord that rests on My Church worldwide and yes, even in this place is going to grow brighter. Indeed those lives in the darkness will be drawn to the light. I have been asking you to prepare your hearts, My people. For this will take more than desires, more than life, more of your life, more of your priorities. You will lay aside some things and not consider them important in order that you might invest more in My meager that I will give you to drink. Do not say, 'I cannot do this!' for even as I have purposed My light, My glory and My Church that it will grow brighter." If you even desire to be a part of this outpouring, the Lord is saying, "Receive My grace to give Me more of your heart, mind and strength!"---given by Tom

The New Commandment I give to You is a simple one- Love one another just as I have loved you!---given by Pastor Mark

"I am not short sighted. I can see inside of you and I can see the end of things as well as the beginning. My arm is not weak. My arm is strong that it can work mighty things in your life."---given by Marcia

I want to encourage you this morning that the Lord wants to give you answers to a problem, give you solutions. He wants to give you revelation. He wants to impart things into your soul. Be open to Him. Be open to His quiet voice. He wants to give to you!---given by Kari

You know when I call you in and cause you to start searching the areas of your heart that you are not willing to explore? The areas that we all have that are hard to deal with? He said, "You know what? Those areas, I am there with you to bring you through. So when I come, I want to be able to give you solutions. Those in particular are the areas I want you to give to Me, to seek Me, to follow Me because I will guide you. I will tell you step by step how to do this. How to follow Me, how to find your solution to your problem. Whether it's health, money, sickness, family or relationships. Whatever, I am there. I am your Solution!"---given by Shelly

"You are free! Be free! But My sons and daughters have been straining to be free. It takes faith to be free. It does not take works to be free. It takes faith to be free. For the devil, your adversary is at your side also and has you convinced that you are in bondage and not free." But the Lord is saying this morning, "NO! Do not obey his lies. For they are lies. I am calling you to freedom. As long as you cling to Me and walk with Me, 'Whom the Son makes free shall indeed be free.' Do the good work of saints. Claim My Word. Proclaim My word over yourselves. And when the devil lies to you and says that you are in bondage, then you, My sons and My daughters, you speak the words of truth. You speak the word of God over yourselves. You are not in bondage! You are Free! You are free!" Thus says the Lord.---given by Tom

You worship Me here in this Church and I appreciate it. It is a beautiful thing, but you walk out and forget about Me. You leave the Bible sitting on the table unopened. I have laid out the ways to bring people here, but you do not do these things. Draw near to Me! Draw near to Me and I will fulfill you. Draw near to Me.---given by Shelly

I heard, "Commit your ways unto Me and I will direct your path. Commit your ways unto Me and I will establish your thoughts."---given by Abigail

Are you lukewarm? Even children can tell if water is lukewarm by visible evidence of steam or ice. If you have to taste the water, it is lukewarm. You can label a cup of coffee hot, but without steam you know it is not hot. A label does not define temperature, like a bumper sticker. Action speaks louder. Do people have to ask if you are a believer? You are lukewarm.

PRAYER: Lord, forgive me for being lukewarm. For making choices that bring a cooling off. Lord, forgive me for coolness, sin and not putting You first. Lord, forgive me for a great lack of self discipline. Lord, may I be a blameless example, leading many to You. Lord, without visible evidence, how can I lead? Lord, bring my heart back to You, my first love. I desire to build a relationship. May our church have tongues of fire sitting on our heads. (Amen)---given by Bridget

BE FILLED! GO OUT! That's where My heart is. Be filled and go out! If you want to feel where My presence is. Be filled! Go out!---given by Brian

My connection was made while we were singing the words of the song projected up on the back wall. The reference is to the part of the song that says, "I raise my soul to you God. I raise my soul to You!" The first time we sang it, in my heart I sang, "I raise my sword to You!" I had to look up and I thought, "Are we supposed to say I raise my soul or sword?" But, as the song continued I kept hearing sword. It made me think, "Am I raising my sword to the Lord? Am I stepping out in order to fight? Am I bringing my battle guard up? Am I bringing my sword up and doing battle for Him?" So raise your sword up for the Lord!---given by Bridget

To the young people, the Lord says, "I have given you My Word. I have given you My Spirit. Now, don't hold back! Take ground!" says the Lord.---given by Tom

As we were singing that last song and I was praying, this came forth. I just felt the presence of the Lord. What came out and I saw the words, "There are no excuses." As Christians, as saints of God, as sons and daughters of the Kingdom, we have no excuse for living a sub-victorious life. It's all in the living, it's all in our faith and it's all in our heart. I would like to read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. "Though we walk in the flesh, we do not war as in the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds (there it is) for casting down imaginations (up in the head) and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God." That knowledge of God is Jesus Christ. He is victor and there is no substitute. He wants you to know that today. That He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of this universe. There is nothing that He cannot do. We have the keys to the Kingdom. We are His sons. We are His daughters. Victory walks before us just like the army of Jehoshaphat that went out and praised Him in victory with timbrels, with dance and with singing. They didn't even have to raise a weapon because God went before them and smote the enemy. Live in victory my friends. I live in victory! God has already won. Thank You!---given by Wendell

This morning I feel how much God loves us. He gave the life of His only Son for us. Jesus took not only the penalty for our sins, but He took the beating and brought healing to our bodies. I am aware this morning at this communion time, God will be healing people of their relationships, of sin, of difficulties and even mental conditions. There will be healing of past emotional hurts. It is because of God's great love that He sent Someone, His Son, who was able and willing to take the beating. It was by His wounds we were healed. He bore our sins. Today, as we enter in faith there will be healing.---given by Pastor Mark

I feel the Lord is saying, "Obey! When I say My word, 'Speak up!', then go ahead and speak up. When my word says, 'Shout!' go ahead and obey Me! When I say in My word, 'kneel' then kneel. When I say in My Word, 'Bow,' do it. Yes, they are little things, but I will lead you to greater things when you obey Me in the small things. I am here to give you greater things. I want you to pray! I want you to be honest! Pour out your hearts to Me in the little things, so that I can be magnified."---given by Pastor Mark

I think the Lord wants the word to sink in through our Pastor. "Seek Me and you will find Me! I know your hearts and I know that sometimes you feel awkward, feel unworthy, but I am calling you. I don't call people unless I equip them. So step into your calling; you need to step into it. You need to seek Me because you will find what you are looking for. I will equip you to do that."---given by Shelly

While we were praying, I saw a picture of a bell ringing. When I see that, I know what it means. In the old days they used to ring a bell to call people to supper. I never wanted to miss that! This is the dinner bell, Salvation. What comes to me clearly is that people are ready. The people that you know and that I know are waiting to be saved. So as we ring that dinner bell, they will be saved.---given by Pastor Mark

I believe the Lord would say to the church, "Fear not little flock, for it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!"---given by Rev. Clay Hudson

The Lord is saying this morning, "I am listening to you. I want you to ask Me what you want Me to do for you, so I can do it for you. I am listening and waiting for you to ask Me what you want me to do." ---given by Ethan

I saw something really solid, but it had a fine-line crack. I don't know if it was in metal or in the ground, but I just felt like on some level God's love-oil can penetrate the smallest little crack to widen it and widen it. Then God's speaking to us, "I'll allow the oil to just seep into the smallest of these cracks to fill us with love." ---given by Denise

I want to share with you the scripture God has shared with me this past week. It encourages my heart for us to remember how much God really, really loves us. The scripture verse is 2 Timothy 4:18. It says, "The Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His Heavenly Kingdom; to Him be glory forever and ever".---given by Shelly

"Liberty is key to My working!" The Lord would say that, "I have granted you liberty. The same kind of liberty you have in video games. The same kind of liberty you have in sports and on the ball field. I am giving you that liberty before Me," says the Lord. "I would have you learn to enjoy Me. I would have you give yourself to Me in order that I can bring the full healing that you so desire. I have emotional healing for you," says the Lord. "Even as you take liberty in your life, I will give you emotional healing, from the depths of your being. I work inside out," says the Lord. "So I am giving liberty today. Praise Me! Liberty is My key," says the Lord.---given by Pastor Mark

The Lord says, "Let go of the past. I want you to let go of the things you have done to offend Me in the past, things that are forgiven, the things that are cleansed by My blood. I want you to let go! When My enemy reminds you of these things, I want you to remind him of My forgiveness and of My cleansing. I want you to let go of the past. I want you to let go of past hurts that others have caused you. I want you to let those things go. I don't want you to live in the past. I want you to stretch out your hand out into the future. Even the limitations that have been idolized in the past, I want you to let them go because I am stretching your limits. I am stretching your boundaries. I am stretching your perimeters. I am making life bigger for you in these last days. Don't live in the past. Stretch out your hands and live in My future. My plans for you are good," says the Lord. "They are bigger than what you can think of. Don't look back at your age, neither your youth nor your oldness," says the Lord. "My plans for you are BIG! Every one of you has a future. Let go of the past. Stretch out your hand into the future. I have great things to do through you and in you," says the Lord. ---given by Tom

The Lord is speaking to each and every one of us, to our hearts. He is saying that, "You know what it is not called upon for certain people to prophesy, certain people to give words of knowledge. I have called each one of you in a gift. I want you to step out into it. It's time in believing it. It's time to start using it. I am always talking. Think about how you talk with your friends, your neighbors and your spouse. You are always talking. I am always talking. I need you to be used. If you think about that, I am always talking. So the thing is, you need to start listening because I am speaking. I want to find something out that you can only hear." ---given by Shelly

I sense that some of us have not been honest with God. Maybe, some of us have unresolved issues that we hold against God. Maybe, some things that you are blaming Him for. You need to be totally honest with Him. Just like you cannot allow something to fester in human relationships, you must deal with whatever it is with God. ---given by Ethan

When I was young I saw a picture of God. When you are in a relationship with Him, He will appear and you will know Him. We will be excited as a little child. ---given by Bernie

I thank the LORD that He wants us to expect the unexpected. All the characters in the Bible like Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, Samuel and David, even all of them and Jesus constantly surprised those whom they ministered to. We work hard to deny ourselves to follow Him. The Christian life is an adventure. It really Is! I've been a Christian since I was eight years old. That was a great many years ago, and we not need be afraid of that adventure the Lord has for us. Sometimes we feel weak, but that is stress. In stress we are made perfect. We need to take risks sometimes. Not to maintain life, but to obtain life. Sometimes when we get to the age that my husband and I are, we see and hear of a marriage of our grandson which puts us in a category of old people. God, to me, has called sometimes chronologically-advanced-in-age people to do His work. Abraham started at the age of seventy-five, but He calls up younger people too. Some older people give that excuse, "I am too old!" Noah was six hundred years old when he started to build the Ark. That is what the Bible tells us. So there are assignments from God even for those with grey hair; and for those who are younger there is a challenge. So prepare for the unexpected. Focus on the one who calls us. Remember Jeremiah 33: Keep your eyes on HIM. Be constantly in contact with the LORD as much as you can and then when He moves in our lives we will be ready only when He is there. God's scope of life is unlimited, our scope is not, but God's is unlimited. I am so glad He gives strength to the weak. ---given by Dorothy

God reminded me of Elijah. Elijah had given a word to King Ahab that there was going to be a famine in the land. There was not going to be any dew or rain for several years. God told King Ahab to go to a certain location where God sent ravens to feed him. Basically, what I get from this is that it doesn't matter how bad things look. "I am the God of the impossible. I will make sure your needs are met. So, believe in Me and trust Me because I am the God who sent the ravens to feed Elijah."---given by Shelly>

"I have mercy. Mercy! I have mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy! I have endless and boundless mercy! Immerse yourself in My mercy. Forgive yourself and love yourself in My mercy. I have Mercy!" ---given by Kari

"Don't worry. Don't be afraid. Don't be apprehensive. Don't be discouraged. I hold your victory. Your fabulous victory in My safe storage place. Don't worry. I will cause you to be victorious. You will win. You will come out on top of this!" says the Lord. "But sometimes I hold the victory in store even if it's there. Sometimes I don't give it to you immediately, because I am doing something in you through the struggle and through the battle. I am accomplishing things in you that you know not. If I would give you the victory immediately without the battle, without even the battle scars, then you would not come out shining great and glorious as I want you to. Don't be afraid to do battle with the enemy, don't be discouraged if the victory tarries. I am still in charge, I will still bring you out to be on top. All will be well!" says the Lord. ---given by Tom

When the Lord descended from the Mount of Olives, His disciples and the whole of the multitude began to praise God joyfully with a loud voice for all the miracles they had seen. "Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in Heaven and Glory in the Highest!" So the Pharisees and the multitude said unto Him, "Teacher, rebuke your disciples!" He answered and said, "If these become silent, the stones will cry out!" Brother, if you feel like a stone, you can still cry out! We are lively stones put in the walls of the city of Jerusalem. Let the stones cry out! Arise! Adonai! Praise Him!---given by Wendell

The Lord is saying, "We need to renew our hope!" There could be someone here who has given up and feels that all hope is lost in some circumstance. I think God is saying, "Renew your hope!"--- given by Abigail

"There is a secret place that I desire you to enter into. A secret place of protection, of strength and of peace. So please enter in. Trust only Me! Because I desire to give you all your heart's desires. Come to Me!" ---given by Shelly

"Ascribe to the Lord, oh families of the peoples. Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name. Bring an offering when you come before Him. Worship the Lord in Holy array as we receive..." As the music was playing and we were singing, this scripture came to me. What the Lord spoke to me about was bringing an offering and what an offering is not. He will not settle for our money. He will not settle for anything but our hearts. That's the only offering that we can give Him. I would encourage you to give Him everything. If there is anything in our hearts, if there is anything we are holding back from Him- it doesn't do any good, for He sees all. One way or another He will get it out of us, so we may as well offer willfully. That's what He desires. As we offer to Him, He gives us the desires of our hearts. ---given by Wendell

"I want My banquet house filled," says the Lord. "I have a table spread with My riches and grace, My mercy, My forgiveness. I am saying to you, My people, invite others to the table because My feast is prepared. My grace is being poured in these days and My people will find mercy and grace from Me to help in their time of need. I am wanting in these days to pour out My mercy, My grace and My forgiveness, and that is what fills the banquet table," says the Lord. "Invite people to the table to feast there," says the Lord. ---given by Tom

The Lord would say that, "In this time of grace, I reign very gently. I lead you by small things and small impressions," says the Lord. "So I would say to you, 'My leadership is gentle, My impressions are sweet. Don't be afraid to call on Me for the smallest of things. That's how I lead. Later, I shall lead with a rod, but in this day, I lead with gentleness. Follow Me and I will satisfy you.'" ---given by Pastor Mark

I don't know who this is for this morning. I think there is someone this is for. The Lord is saying to you, "Yes you can! You can do it!" The Lord is weighing something on your heart, something to do. You are saying, "I can't do it!" But the Lord is saying, "Yes you can! You can do it! If you just step out and take one step you will find, even as I allowed Peter to walk on water when He stepped out of the boat, if you take one step, then I will be there for you. I will help you to complete it." The Lord is saying to you, "Yes you can!" ---given by Tom

"My grace is sufficient for you. Hear Me! My grace is plenty sufficient for you. With My grace flowing through you, you have no lack," says the Lord. "I delight in needy and humble vessels--even those who are weak in themselves and who know it; who are aware, but have learned to draw on My riches of free grace. My children, it does not matter what your need is, it does not matter what your problem is, My grace is there for you and it is rich. It is abundant, greater than any need that you could ever have. Greater than any problems you could face. My grace in these days is so sufficient and more than enough for you. Don't be discouraged. My grace is more than enough for you." ---given by Tom

"I am tearing down the strongholds in your life. I want you to stay in there. I know there is pain involved, but stay 'til the work is accomplished-- even in fear. Stay in there!" says the Lord. ---given by Bernie

"Just as there are many battles on earth, so to there may be in the spirit. You in fact maybe facing a battle even now, although you have not faced many. Even with the Lord you may be feeling defeated, but continue with your battle. Trust in Me and continue to fight. Be patient. Even if victory does not appear immediate, trust in Me and I will bring victory," says the Lord. ---given by Brian

You may say, "I can't live up to you." You may say, "I can't make the sacrifice. I tried!" I just want you to be open with me. I want you to be honest. Even Moses said he couldn't speak the word. He said, "Use Aaron to be my spokesman," but in the end even when he was not willing, although he had a willing heart, Moses ended up broken. Just be open with Me. ---given by Brian

The Lord would have you know that, "I am the God of second chance. You would not be here today if I only gave you one chance. I am a forgiving God of great forgiveness and my name is Redeemer. For though man fell in the Garden, I have come to give you second chances," says the Lord. "And third chances and fifth chances and seventieth chances. For I am the God that brings you back again and again. I will restore broken relationships," says the Lord. "For I am the God of redemption and I am here to redeem. You are not lost. Yes, I will restore and I will use you as a restorer." ---given by Pastor

"Stop struggling, just let me do it. Just let me reign, stop struggling. It's not for you to will it into being. I am a God of great mercy-- so stop struggling." ---given by Abigail

The Lord is saying, "I am always leading you, My people. Always higher, upward to a higher place. Don't look back at your past and say, 'I'll never get higher than that.' Know, I am leading you higher. Don't look back at your past circumstances though they be dark and you feel like you are stumbling. I am taking you higher. Sometimes you must go lower in order to help you go higher," says the Lord. "Don't be afraid to go lower at times. Don't be afraid to be humble. Don't be afraid when I humble you, but my word in you will always lead you to a higher place. Don't look at your age and say, 'The best part of my life is behind me.' No!" says the Lord. "I am leading you to a higher place." To you young people, "Just don't look at what you can see. Walk with me and I will lead you to a higher place," says the Lord. --- given by Tom

The Lord is saying today. He wants us to lift up our hurts to Him, He wants us to give it completely to Him. To say, "Okay God, this part of my life, this part that I have been struggling in it is. I am giving it up to you. Help me to learn how to deal with this." When you do that, God's grace comes down and meets us, and takes it. A miracle will happen. ---given by Shelly

I am challenging you to search your heart. I am challenging you because I want you to come to Me! ---given by Shelly

The Lord says, "I am opening your ears to hear My voice. Those who hear will hear like never before in the past. Do not My sheep hear My voice and I know them? I am giving you the ability to hear My voice. Be attentive to My voice." ---given by Pastor Mark

I would remind you that the way up starts with the way down ...humbling yourself. For victory does not come because you will it, but from Me. All victory comes from Me. So this is a reminder to humble yourself and trust Me. ---given by Pastor Mark

You know what? I don't call you on everything. Yes, there are things in process. I just enjoy My children! Don't call things out in each other. Give Me time to work out things in each life. I will strengthen you. --- given by Tom

The Lord is saying to His people, "Do not be afraid if life is messy, I work in a mess. Sometimes circumstances are messy. Sometimes your house is in a mess or your life is in a mess, but I work in messes. Don't be afraid. I bring order to chaos and disorder. I am not afraid of a mess. I want you to get in there, get dirty, get involved! Get involved in the trials, in the messes of people's lives. Life does not always have to be neat. Heaven is coming and then all things will be neat. But now, I call on you to live on the earth where sometimes life stinks or is messy. Do not be afraid to be involved. I can bless in mess!" says the Lord.---given by Tom

When I am prompting you to do something or to take some action, don't be afraid! Don't feel like it's going to be too hard or that you cannot do it. My goal for you is good. When I prompt you, it may cause you to stretch yourselves, but I am there, I am leading you. It is for freedom that I lead you in this direction. It is not to bind you up, to make you feel alone. It is to free you that I come to you, that I am prompting you. ---given by Marcia

As I was listening to what God was speaking to us today, it came to me. God wants us to lift up our burdens to Him. He wants us to give them completely to Him. To say, "Okay God, this hard life that I am struggling with, here it is. I am giving it completely to You! Help me to learn how to deal with this. When we do that, then God's grace will come down to meet us and take it. Miracles happen. Give your burdens to God. ---given by Shelly

The Lord says, "Trust me! I want you to put your trust in me! Put all your needs, worries and fears upon me. Trust me."---given by Abigail

What I say to one, I say to everyone. Yes, I say to everyone. If you love me, keep my Commandments. Obey! Yes, I love you! I want you to love me.---given by Pastor Mark

Do you not see the birds and the animals in the wild? Do I not take care of them? I will take care of you. Give me your needs. I will take care of you! ---given by Shelly

I heard the words, "I will provide for your needs!" ---given by Pastor Mark

God cares about you. He is concerned about your needs, big and small. God, in all His vastness, cares about you. ---given by Anna

“The Lord has chosen to heal today. He will bring bigger healings as you receive today. God wants to heal you for greater things than you have been believing Him.” -- given by Pastor Mark

“Go into all the nations and make disciples. Don’t worry about money, etc. If God is calling you to go to other nations, go!" I saw salt shakers being shaken over the earth. God wants to shake us, the salt. -- given by Kari

“Today if you hear my voice, do not harden your heart, for today is the day of salvation! Today!” -- given by Bernie

I saw birds in a nest with mouths wide open. I have the sense that those that are hungry, God will fill. -- given by Pastor Mark

“Children, I want to tell you how I love you. See how you delight in your children. This is how I delight in you, even those of you who are mature. You are my children and I love you very much.” -- given by Bernie

“Are you my children? Then imitate your Father. I loved first, so imitate me. Love first, forgive first and love first. Do not wait to be loved but reach out and love first.” -- given by Tom

"I encourage you to witness by anointing. Seek God for anointing.” -- given by Kari

“If only you knew the power of my Spirit, of my Spirit upon the earth. My Spirit can transform, My Spirit can heal. It can do what you cannot do in yourself but I can by My Spirit. I have called you to be earthen vessels of My Spirit. Step out with My Spirit” -- given by Tom

“The Lord encourages His people. Witness with anointing. God will provide the anointing.” -- given by Kari

“Some of you are asking, 'How do I get this anointing?' Ask, ask like you are begging me. I will give you. I want to give you the anointing. I desire to empower you to go out into the world to reach the world and others around you.” -- given by Shelly

"Behold, I stand at the door knocking; open the door and I will come in." The Lord is standing at the door waiting for us. He will bring His children. Some are waiting to hear prophecy, and all that the Lord has for them. Christ comes in and His children go out. -- given by Shelly

The Lord wants an invitation to come in. To be in His presence. -- given by Ethan

"Behold, you have not come to me but I have come to you. Not that they come to you but that I have sent you to them." -- given by Brian

"Your prayers are powerful. I am hearing your prayers and they are powerful. You do not realize how powerful your prayers are. I am listening." -- given by Tom

"Even your prayer and statements of forgiveness are powerful before me. As you ask for forgiveness, I forgive too so you can forgive others. Some wonder at my forgiveness. Some are offended because it isn’t because they deserve but because I paid the price with my blood and so forgiveness is given. Forgiveness is powerful before me." -- given by Mark

I am the Lord thy God.
I have heard your cry coming from the darkness.
All I ask of you is to:
Open your heart and I shall fill it with peace and love.
Open your mind and I will fill it with truth.
Open your ears and you will hear my voice.
Open your eyes and I will light your way.
Open your mouth and I will speak through you.
Believe in me and I will live in you. -- given by Dave

"My grace is sufficient for you." I saw an image as of a king on His throne (God) and a filthy person came into his presence for judgment. Instead, he was pardoned; the king said, "My Grace is sufficient for you!"--given by Abigail

"There is therefore now no condemnation for you.(Romans 8:1) I am not here to condemn you, but to pardon and forgive you. For those who trust in Me, I have removed your guilt and condemnation." --given by Mark

"I have more for you. Some of you have been called for more ministry. I will give you gifts. I have more for you even in leading people to Christ. I am more and I have more for you. Some will have the joy of seeing others set free from demonic forces. I have more for you."--given by Mark

"Rest in Him. Die to self, and let God do the work through you."--given by Shelly

"I am here for you, not far away. I am intimately acquainted with you and all your ways."--given by Tom

"See a Lamb on the throne. Because I laid my life down, I am a king, your King."--given by Bernie

"HOLY, HOLY, HOLY"--sung by Anna

". . .the chairs will be filled with people"--given by Rani

"The Lord has a personal promise for each individual. Find your individual promise in My Word. Then speak it, confess it, claim it, and live it."--given by Mark

"The true reality is His presence. It is in His presence we have our being."--given by Wendell

"Yes, I have washed you. I have made you clean. But more than that, I have given you a new nature. Walk, live in your new nature."--given by Brian

"God is giving us grace for everyday life."--given by Ethan

The Lord says, "There is deliverance in Me!"--given by Bernie

"You are not your own Savior. Salvation comes from Me. If you were your own Savior, there would be no need for the cross. I am your Savior. Salvation daily and eternally come through Me. I am your Savior." --given by Tom

"Lean on Me. Come to me as children. I enjoy it when you lean on Me. Even the most mature among you comes as a child sitting in the Father's lap. Oh, know I enjoy it when you lean on Me." --given by Bernie

"I am a very great God. The question is, 'How great do you see Me in You?' I gave you authority and dominion over the earth. If you see Me as great, then you'll have the authority, for I am a very great God IN YOU." --given by Brian

"I, the Lord, want you to know the sins of your past are forgiven. They are under the blood. The sins of your future are under the blood of the cross. Your present sin is under the blood. There is no condemnation in Me. No longer are you carrying the guilt of your sins. I declare this day you are free from guilt of sin. For those who believe in Me, you are free from guilt and condemnation of sin." --given by Mark

"I brought you through. I have been at every corner, every point, every turning point. It was not because of your right choices, but because I was there guiding you that I brought you through." --given by Tom Lee

"Today is a chosen day for you. Today is a day for ACTION. Today is a day for rejoicing. Today is a day for repentance. One day that I give you. Each day is a day that you can act. A day for you and Me. Make this day a day for you and Me. A day of ACTION." --given by Mark

"Celebrate the victory! Celebrate the victory before you see the victory. Activate your faith by celebrating the victory." --given by Ethan

Earlier Gifts of Prophecy Given at Living Water Muscatine Celebrations

"To people suffering from addictions, such as pornography, and so on--there is hope. There is hope even when you turn back to that thing. God does not think of you less. Turn towards Him. Jeremiah 29:11b" --given by Selina

Wendell exhorted us to a life of closeness (intimacy) with Jesus.

"Don't give up!" given by Tom

The Lord is saying, " I want you to be carriers of my mercy. Just as you have gotten mercy, I want you to carry mercy. You have a gospel to give." --given by Tom

I feel that there is a person here who turns away when forgiveness comes up. God want to bring you to forgiveness. It is not impossible. We can testify of how God has worked forgiveness in our lives. It is possible with God. --given by Denise

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