First Fruits

What the First Twelve Percent of all Church Income is Used For

The Church of the Living Water each month sets aside its first fruits, the first twelve percent of all income from tithes and offerings to be distributed among the following programs:


Outreach Fund - 50%
The Church of the Living Water cares immensely about our community. Our outreach program is here to help meet local community needs. Part of this fund also goes towards a church online evangelistic website which is currently being developed.

Birthright of Muscatine - 5%
Birthright of Muscatine is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the civil right of every child—the right to be born.

Iowa Right to Life Committee - 5%
The IRLC is the Iowa branch of the National Right to Life Committee, dedicated to restoring the sanctity of human life.

Muscatine Area Chaplains Corporation - 5%
The MACC is a local ministry at the Muscatine County jail facility.

New Covenant Church - 15%
New Covenant Church sponsors Casa Hogar, (House of Love) a children's home in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Missions Fund - 10%
The Missions Fund gives financial support primarily for short-term missions work of CLW attendees.

Gospel for Asia - 10%
GFA is a misson organization that supports local ministries in indigenous communities throughout Asia.

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