Falling Up

Exit Lights

Following two highly acclaimed and successful projects (Crashings, Dawn Escapes), Falling Up stretches the imagination to create their newest venture, a remix album titled Exit Lights, which morphs their sound from intense, urgent rock to electronic, vibe-focused renditions selected from their two studio releases.

“After Crashings, we had in mind that we wanted to do a remix album,” says Falling Up’s vocalist Jessy Ribordy. “It is something totally different from our releases and our live show, which is more rock based. Our goal was to expand on our style and show a different side—something more electronic with a stronger slant to programming and digital vibe-- a different picture on songs we really love. We wanted to give the fans a chance to hear some of ours favorite songs from the past two releases in a more party, upbeat fashion.”

Hailing from Albany, Oregon, Falling Up transformed into a full-time musical project after graduating high school in 2002. The act quickly made its first impression in the national music scene with its Aaron Sprinkle-produced debut, 2004’s Crashings, which went on to sell nearly 100,000 copies. Following the release, the band embarked on a steady stream of tour dates (with over six tours and 400 shows in a two-year span) establishing a strong, loyal fan base. In October 2005, Falling Up came back with an astounding new studio release steering clear of the sophomore slump with Dawn Escapes, which has already surpassed all expectations.

Entering into a transitional phase between their sophomore project and their third studio release (to release in 2007), Falling Up enlisted the production skills of Tedd T (Mute Math), Jamie Moore, Toby Mac, Randy Torres (Project 86), Joseph A. Kisselburgh (Falling Up), Trevor McNevan (TFK), Solomon Olds (Family Force 5) and Falling Up’s vocalist Jessy Ribordy.

“With the producers we had on board for Exit Lights, we were able to really create different elements. We took songs from both of our releases—songs we knew from the beginning that would have that unique sound and could be remixed,” explains Ribordy of the song selection. “I also enjoyed getting to be a part of the producing with the two songs ‘Exhibition’ that features Rachel Lampa and ‘Bittersweet.’”

One of the songs selected, “Broken Heart (Ghosts of Seaside Mix)” was the first radio single for Falling Up off of Crashings. The remix also has become one of the band favorites with the transformation that jumps the spectrum when remixed with a dark, eerie spin.

One of the songs selected, “Broken Heart (Ghosts of Seaside Mix)” was the first No. 1 radio single for the band off of their debut project, which also became the most played song for 2005 on Air 1. The remix also has become a band favorite with the transformation that jumps the spectrum when remixed with a dark, eerie spin.

In addition to the twelve remix tracks; Falling Up wets the appetite for new music with the new song “Islander,” which prepares fans for the musical direction on the upcoming studio release. Continuing with the conceptual idea of creating a big picture with each new release being a different piece of the puzzle, “Islander” is a perfect lead into the new album that will deal with the topic of isolation and paranoia.

“It was written over a year ago, and it deals with isolation,” explains Ribordy. “I have a huge concern for those who seclude themselves. When you detach yourself from those who love and care for you, it is the beginning of many problems. You need family and loved ones around. I just want others to see the importance of seeing that isolation can lead to a domino effect. Also, with hiring the efforts of Tedd T, we really wanted to explore with electronica and other elements we love, and his work on that record was intriguing and makes this song truly unique.”

Determined to forge ahead via its persistent, motivated work ethic, Exit Lights finds the band introducing a new dimension to their sound they hope their fans grab hold and enjoy. With this September 12 release on BEC/Tooth & Nail, Falling Up aims to deliver a collection of works for their fans in a movie soundtrack approach.

Jessy Ribordy – vocals
Jeremy Miller – bassist
Josh Shroy – drums
Micah Sannan - guitars
Adam Taylor - keyboards

Review By CCM Magazine