Becoming Debt Free Christians Can Start Here

6 Reasons to Get Debt Free, Christians!

1) Debt free living will help your marriage. In marriage counseling, I’ve found debt puts tremendous pressure on a wife. Crown Financial Ministries: “Currently 50 percent of all first-time marriages fail, and the primary reason for the failure is financial incompatibility.”

2) Debt free living encourages children to get out of debt and stay that way. Borrowing for unneeded items encourages lifelong financial irresponsibility in children.

3) Debt free living builds patience, self-discipline and contentment—all Godly character traits. (Romans 8:28) There are no shortcuts to becoming like Christ. Waiting until we can pay may cut our pride, humble us, and set us up for God’s greater blessing. (James 4:6)

4) Debt often shows a lack of faith in God to provide.

5) Debt presumes on a trouble-free future. Will there ever be loss of job, unexpected expenses, car trouble, sickness, economic downturn? (Proverbs 27:1)

6) Debt puts people under the power of compound interest. Again, quoting Crown Financial Ministries: “If consumers pay the minimum monthly payment on a $1,000 debt at 19.8 percent rate of interest and never charge anything else on that account, it will take eight (8) years to pay back the $1,000 and they will pay $2,023 for the privilege of charging $1,000.”

Conversely, saving and investing can put a person under the power of compound interest to make money grow. When Albert Einstein was asked, “What was your greatest discovery?” he replied, “The power of compound interest!”

This page offers some debt free advice online. In addition, many have found valuable debt free consumer credit counseling from Dave Ramsey at

--submitted by Mark Anderson

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