Debra Kerrs Testimony: God Is Changing Me

(Editor’s note: Debra Kerrs testimony, 2007.)

I have been changing! Gods power has been working in me ever since I have been praying the scriptures daily.

I had heard of praying the scriptures before and always wanted to do it but never knew how. A while ago, a friend gave me Ruth Shinness’s Prayer Strategy Resource book and I started making my own prayer notebook. Although I did not see the need to read the scripture out loud and was not regular in praying God still answered one major prayer at that time.

Recently, I heard Ruth speak and I once again got serious about praying the Word. This time, I have simply been reading the personalized scriptures out loud. I believe that I am releasing Gods power in prayer and it is having an effect on me. I have concluded that reading the scriptures out loud is important because I hear it. It truly is for my benefit, not God's. I have noticed an increase in faith like never before. Some things have been easier to give to God and just trust him. I think the Word goes into me and it causes faith to rise up.

The first thing I noticed is the amount of joy I now have. I love the praising and thanking God instead of always asking Him. I feel this is the reason for the joy. Somehow it is not about whether God answers my prayer anymore although I have seen his working and some direct answers to my prayers. It’s about God.

He also has used the scriptures to correct me a few times. Once I was mad at my husband, probably for something he was not doing. That night I walked into our office and picked-up Ruth’s prayer strategy book. This is what I read:

"I respect and reverence my husband. I notice him, regard him, honor him, prefer him, venerate him; and I defer to him, praise him, love him and admire him exceedingly." Ephesians 5:33b AMP

My first response was, "You got to be kidding!" Then I realized that I had been thinking negative thoughts towards my husband and all I got was negativity. After praying for forgiveness, I wrote that scripture in my prayer notebook. It has made a difference in me. I think and respond differently to my husband.

The truth is that my focus in prayer has been changing. My focus is not on the problem or even that God answers, but now much more on the Goodness of God. I have been releasing a power that has been changing me.

(Note: Debra Kerrs testimony was given publicly at the Chruch of the Living Water, 2007.)

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