Saved From Emptiness - Found True Happiness In Christ

Before I Received Christ I Lived and Thought This Way

I grew up in a home where my Mother was a Christian and my Dad was not. My mother and us, the children went to church every week and I had received Christ as a child. Church was a way of life.

But as a teenager I was lonely and became more confused about God as time went on and finally left the Christian life. I just stopped going to church and got involved with a man.

We had other things to do. I would not normally go to church at all because, “I couldn’t handle it!” I later went to college, began a career, and married. I was happy. Well, sort of!

I thought I should be happy, but deep down inside I wasn’t. I was still confused, fearful, and often depressed. I felt empty and that something was missing, but really didn’t understand because, on the outside, my life looked great and things were going well.

How I Received Christ

Finally, my Mother talked me into going to church with her and all I did was cry.

That week when I was home alone, I was thinking about my reaction to going back to church. I started shaking and crying.

Again, I felt God’s Spirit and I knew he wanted me to come back to him. I resisted for I was determined to have a different marriage and life than my parents.

I did not want to raise any future children in a household with parents like mine, a divided household of Christian and unbeliever. I went from saying, “No Lord”, to “Save my husband and I will come back to you.” That did not work for how do you bargain with God?

I walked into my bedroom and suddenly I was not there anymore but in a long line of people. I did not understand, I didn’t think I had died, but somehow in a flash, the world had ended. I would soon meet my maker and knew what that meant-- judgment!

I prepared myself in what to say in great fear. My turn came and I stepped into a very bright light. I could not see much, but I was aware that someone stood to my right behind a stand with a large book on it. I knew the Lord Jesus sat high up as I stood before him.

His love for me surrounded me so strong that I never wanted to leave his presences again. The thought seemed like the worst cruelty.

I opened my mouth to say, “Lord, you didn’t save my husband so that’s why I did not serve you.” But nothing came out, no words or even sound.

Someone announced that Christ is truth and only truth was in his presences. I knew that I had only excuses!

Suddenly, I was back in my bedroom and inside of me I could hear the Holy Spirit speaking, “Where you spend eternity is your responsibility, your destiny is your own.” I cried for forgiveness and surrendered my life to him.

After I Found Christ These Changes Took Place

It has been twenty- six years since that experience and the decision. I have not regretted it.

I wish I could say everything was bliss from then on, but life has not always been easy. I changed and really became a different person after that. I began to think different thoughts, have different goals and value different things.

I still had my battles, but I have known great happiness and peace that would not of been possible without Christ in my life.

God worked in such a way in my life that depression finally had an end. That was wonderful!

Today, I am still changing, becoming someone different.

2 Corinthians 5:17: Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

Deb Kerr,
Muscatine, Iowa

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