Christian Fasting Is Part of God's Call on Your Life

Christian Fasting for Members of the Church of the Living Water

Specific purposes of Christian fasting within our missions mandate:

The mission of the Church of the Living Water is to reach and empower, mature and release families and young people for Christ.

What Are The Specific Purposes for Our Fast?

1. To know Jesus, the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings (Philippians 3:10).
2. That Christ will send workers into His harvest.
3. To see people saved from hell and filled with the Holy Spirit.
4. For God to multiply the Church of the Living Water numerically, financially, and spiritually.
5. To end abortion in America.
6. For the election of Godly people to office.

Types of Christian Fasting:

1. "Esther Fast"--Complete fasting: No food or water (Use only in a crisis situation; unless God works, you're dead anyway!)

2. Water fasting: No food, just water.

3. "Daniel Fast": No pleasant foods, just vegetables and water.

4. Liquids only--Water, juice, etc.

When Shall We Fast?

Fast until supper each Thursday. If that can't work for you, choose any meal or any other day(s) of the week to fast. The New Testament church fasted often. However, there is strength is fasting in unity. Try for Thursday.

Suggestions for Christian Fasting:

1. Drink lots of water (8-10 glasses a day).

2. Use mealtimes for prayer

3. Children should have a part--Give up some meals or snacks or sweets or desserts, etc.

4. Fill your spiritual appetite with God's word while denying your physical appetite. (Matthew 4:4).

5. Begin to abstain from coffee, tea, soda (pop), sugar, etc. ahead of time for best results.

6. Those with special conditions--nursing mothers, diabetic or certain medical and emotional needs--should not abstain from food; rather, discipline yourselves from treats, etc.

7. Fast your chosen fast according to your own faith and conditions. Most bodies are able to fast more than the mind thinks, but in every case, do what's right in your own situation.

8. Prepare mentally and schedule carefully. Long fasts are a major event. Don't go into a fast in an emotionally exhausted state.

9. Start Small. If you're not used to fasting, begin with just two meals.

Christian Fasting Information

1. The first day of a fast is often the worst for a beginner. The battle is psychological, not physical, in going without food. You may be afraid you are going to die, or at least feel like it!

2. Many people have fasted 40 days or more. Example: Members of the Irish Republican Army, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, Bobby Martz, and Mark Anderson have all fasted for at least 40 days.

3. After 3 days without food, start slowly with light foods like soup. If you start to eat solid foods too soon after a 3 day fast, you will regret it. Intestinal pain may be severe as the body re-adjusts to food.

4. Fasting is a normal part of the Christian lifestyle.

5. Fasting is generally considered a healthy exercise. During fasting, the body is given a rest. Body fats are burned up, and toxins and poisons are cleansed from the body. It is important to drink plenty of liquid. (And don't forget to brush your teeth!)

Some Spiritual Benefits of Christian Fasting

1. Humility Psalm 35:13, Isaiah 58:5
2. Eyes are opened to spiritual world 2 Kings 6:17
3. Greater power after a fast Luke 4:14
4. Power of satanic temptation can be broken Luke 4:1-13
5. Habits can be broken
6. Greater heart and closeness toward God
7. Knowledge of our own weaknesses
8. Changes in God's direction for our lives
9. More time
10. Spiritual breakthroughs

The mission of the Church of the Living Water is to reach and empower, mature and release families and young people for Christ.

Scriptures reveal a number of reasons for Christian fasting-the most important of which is the effect it has on the heart of the believer.
David said, "I humbled my soul with fasting." (Psalm 35:13). Isaiah 58:5 says a fast day is "for a man to humble himself." (NASV) Fasting helps place us in right fellowship with God.

When our hearts are contrite before the Lord, our prayer life becomes more effective. Isaiah 58:4 tells us a fast is "to make your voice heard on high".
With increased sensitivity in prayer, a time of fasting should be an opportunity to pray for mercy in a time of impending divine judgment. (Jonah 3:5, 10) For our nation, at this time, this aspect of fasting is especially important.

How do we begin Christian fasting? Don't try to fast two or three days at once if you have never fasted before.
Skip two meals at a time once a week, until you can fast for a whole day without feeling extremely weak or sick.

You may feel hungry; both the dizzy and nauseous feelings should decrease.
At this point your body has begun to accept the discipline of fasting and you should be prepared to combat discouragement, doubt, hunger, and the temptation to quit too soon. "We shall reap in due season if we faint not". (Galatians 6:8-9).

We should be careful to watch our motive for fasting. We should not be as the Pharisees, who fasted to show other people how spiritual they were, or to get our own way with God (Mt 6:16-18; Is 58:3).
Before you begin fasting, read Isaiah 58 carefully and enter your time of fasting and prayer with humility and a sincere desire to be used for God in prayer.
Band together with other believers who are fasting at the same time.
Pray for each other, and encourage one another!
Fasting is a discipline that can bring us into a new dimension with God through prayer. Now is the time to begin.

Church of the Living Water Fast Days:

Fast until supper Thursdays.
Fast to go deeper with God.
Fast to see people saved from an unthinkable eternity--in hell.

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