Pastor and Staff

Mark the Pastor

B Mark Anderson, Pastor

Pastor Mark grew up on a dairy farm in Oregon where he was active in church as a young boy, participating in the local Luther League.

He graduated from the Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle, and also from the Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. He continued his education at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Paul Minnesota, where he received his Masters in Divinity.

Mark married his wife Kari in Marshall, Minnesota where he ministered for some time. He also pastored a church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas for 2 ½ years before coming to Church of the Living Water in 1976 as the pastor.

Mark has also spent time ministering abroad in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, China, Canada, England, Argentina, Mexico, Norway, and India.

These days Mark finds time in his schedule to help organize and work with the chaplain’s program at Muscatine Community College. He also has joined together with local pastors to organize prayer meetings and to promote unity.

Mark spends his “free” time raising sheep and his family. He claims pastoring is the 2nd greatest job in the world; the 1st is raising a family!

He loves to brag about The Church of the Living Water saying “I pastor the most wonderful church in the world. The people here are awesome!”

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Tom the Elder

Tom Lee, Elder, Minister of Music

Tom grew up in North Dakota, and accepted Christ as a young boy. In his family, there was always lots of music: piano, guitar, accordion, brass instruments, and singing, so he developed a love for music early on.

His college training was in music education, and he has been teaching choral music, first in Minnesota and now in Iowa, for 31 years. Music as an expression of worship has been part of his life since his early years.

Tom is married and has four children.

Tom has been minister of music at CLW since 1979 and says, "It is so exciting to be a part of all God is doing in and through the Church of the Living Water."

Bernie the Elder

Bernie Blaskowski, Elder

Bernie Blaskowski was born and raised in Winona County in Southeastern Minnesota. He was the fourth of eleven children.

The every day, morning and evening, daily chores on the family dairy farm taught Bernie the value of faithfulness.

Every Sunday morning would find the Blaskowski family (all thirteen of them!) loading up the family's '62 Country Sedan station wagon and driving to church.

But it wasn't until Bernie went to college that he came to understand that God was more than a set of rules.

During his second year of college, two fellows came to Bernie's dorm room and explained to him the need to be “born again.” Bernie understood his need, and in 1977 he prayed for forgiveness and became a part of the family of God.

A job opportunity brought Bernie to Muscatine in 1981. He has been a part of the Living Water fellowship since first moving here.

He met his lovely wife, Sheila, at Living Water. They got to know one another well while a part of an active singles group in the church. (Was Sheila really behind the snake that was found in Bernie's sleeping bag on that memorable canoe trip??)

One year and two days after their first date, they were married. They now have seven children, whom they home school. What a rich family life they have.

Bernie loves being a part of the Church of the Living Water. Even though he is not naturally a very demonstrative person, he has been known to do a few dance steps, participating in our lively worship.

"God has really used Living Water to bless me," Bernie expresses. "Every Sunday I come, and He's still here." A testimony to both Bernie's and God's faithfulness.

Gary the Treasurer

Gary Lange, Treasurer

Gary was born and raised in Minnesota. That explains the fervent support of the Minnesota Vikings, but what remains unexplained is Gary's equally fervent love for Taco Johns. Is he part Mexican, or just taken in by those steaming potato oles?

Gary is an engineer with the Hon Company. A dedicated volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, on Saturdays you will find him managing the construction of Habitat's latest housing project. He also boards horses at his farm just outside of Muscatine. Most members of the Church of the Living Water are familiar with Gary's home, as the grassy area beside his pond has been the location of many a summer party.

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