These Bible Study Tools Can Teach Us About God

Each of the following Bible Study Tools contain valuable resources. Each is kind of like heaven--unlimited, amazing, and beckoning us to come.

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Bible Gateway

A great resource for searching the Bible
in several different versions (including
Spanish and many other foreign languages).
Bible Gateway also includes a verse of the day.

Blue Letter Bible

Although it primarily references the
King James Version, this is a great
resource for Hebrew and Greek study
tools. Click on "Search" to get started.

Pastor Mark uses The Blue Letter Bible
and highly recommends it. "You get many
benefits of Greek without having to know the language,"
asserts Pastor Mark.


Crosswalk is loaded with Bible study possibilities.
Just type in a verse or topic and see what pops up!
This feature alone can make Bible study profitable.

For Example, type in "humility" and you have an immediate
arrray of truths to digest.

Crosswalk also has current Christian News.

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