Living Water Muscatine Ripples With Life

Where can you seek God? Living Water Muscatine!

Come and experience an open heaven.

Where leaders serve and all are called to minister. You won't see just one person in the pulpit. We value 1 Corinthians 14:26 "When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification."

Come prepared to share what the Lord Jesus Christ has been teaching and revealing to you. We want to hear from Him through you.

What's New?

Workday, Saturday, October 21, 8:30-Noon

Plan ahead to make our beautiful building and landscape even more lovely! Brian Doboney, coordinator

Where should Church of Living Water give 5% of our first fruits:

The suggestions for first fruits money came in at 54.5% for Informed Choice, 36.3 % Sam's Purse, and 9% for Family Leader. We will go with Informed Choice.

Hallelujah - New Windows Coming Soon in Sanctuary!

A Recent Sunday Message

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Weekly Schedule at Living Water Muscatine


8 am Prayer for workers in the harvest
9 am Bible classes for all ages
10:15 am Morning worship


6-7 pm Prayer & Communion

What is the Gospel? Pastor Mark Explains

Buy the Pastor's Latest Books

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Basement Renovation

The goal is for late Spring to early Summer for the completion of the basement project.

Andrew Anderson is our designer for this mission.

To simplify this project, it has been broken down into 10 segments.

1. Address water problems. Completed
* Install French drain
* Grade ground south lawn area
* Check tile around exterior of building draining properly.

2. Clean & paint overhead I-beams. Pastor Mark Coordinator. Completed
* Clean and Paint the Overhead I-beams

3. Rough-In Framing. Gary Lange Leader. Completed
* Frame walls for classrooms & storage. Completed
* Enclose Ducts
* Enclose vertical steel posts.

4. Electrical. Completed

* A. The installation of rough-in electrical wiring.
* B. After the drywall is finished. Completion of installation of fixtures, switches etc.

5. Hang & finish Drywall. Completed
* These will be untextured surfaces therefore it will require experienced drywall finishers.

6. Paint walls and soffits.

7. Carpet classrooms.

8. Trim and baseboards.

9. Kitchen Update.
* Includes additional lighting, replacement of counter top and reinstall of sink. Also new cabinet hardware.

10. Finish concrete floor.
* (main area and kitchen) Clean and polish the existing floor.

Leaders and Helpers are needed, so if you feel you can lead or just happen to know of a pair of hands that are looking to do something great, (experience not needed, you can obtain some here) give one of our leaders a call and they can direct the way.

Please take note: Parents should take special care to keep small children away from the marked construction areas. Thank You.

George Blaskowski Reports "God Healed My Headaches"


We Love Kids at Living Water Muscatine
God loves kids and is on the lookout for kids who worship Him!

Children learn by example
Children learn by doing

Parents, bring your kids up front. Children, do what you do. Keep your kids “in the spirit of things”:

  • During upbeat praise — wave a flag, dance, move around, etc.
  • During quiet times or prophecy — be still.

If a child is disruptive, there is a staffed nursery available.

A Children’s Worship Leader is up front to assist parents and children.

Love God--Love Children!

Servers for this Week at
Living Water Muscatine are

Children's Church ages 3-6: Bethany Anderson, coordinator

Sunday School: Maria Torres

Church Cleaning: coordinator, Marcia
Fellowship Table Hostess: Sheri
Fellowship Table Cleanup: Irma Leenerts, coordinator
various volunteers

Hear Recent Prophetic Words (Gifts of Prophecy) from Living Water Muscatine

"I will in those days pour forth My Spirit and they shall prophesy." Acts 2:18

Prophecies at Living Water

September 29

Lately, people here have been leading people to Christ which I am grateful. I saw a picture of celebration. They were jumping rope and celebrating. I do not know exactly who they are, whether it was angels. It could be Christ himself. The Bible says that Jesus made sport before His Father. So God is into sports. Anyway, here is the picture: God's response to those who are leading people to Christ, He is celebrating. There is joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents. I saw the party going on. ---given by Pastor Mark

September 22

A grain of wheat has to be thrown out in order for it to produce fruit. Sometimes your dreams are like that grain of wheat. They have to fall to the ground, die and be buried. That can be very discouraging, but know that those dreams can rise again. They can bear fruit and it's not the end of the story. If your desires or your dreams seem to be falling to the ground, know that unless something is planted it cannot grow. If it is seeds sitting in a jar, it will not grow. So do not be totally discouraged if your dreams seem to be devastated, buried, hidden and lost because sometimes they are watered and sometimes they grow back. Be encouraged! Maybe your dream is about to prosper. ---given by Kari

July 23, 2015

Lift up your heads, you gates, be lifted up you ancient doors, and the King of glory shall come in!

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

For I am doing a new thing in the earth, the likes of which you have never seen or dreamed of. And I will baptize you with the Spirit and with Fire - the Fire of my love, so much so that you cannot contain it nor hold it in. For surely it is My rivers of Living Water that will flow from you.

The enemy will not prevail, for where you tread the soles of your feet, darkness must flee.

Know it is I, I will do it and My Word will not return void!

----given by Joy Lem

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Opportunities to Serve

  • Habitat for Humanity: every Saturday, contact Gary at 563-506-4723.
  • Church Cleaning: sign up in the church lobby.
  • Fellowship Table Clean-up: sign up in the church lobby.
  • There are many ways to help out! Let Mark or Ethan know what you're good at and we'll find a place for you to serve using your gifts and abilities. It feels great to do your part!

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Living Water Muscatine Is No Ordinary Church

You will find. . .

An important place for yourself. We have not one minister; every member is called to ministry.

Love. We have been alone, yet have found love.

Healing. We have been wounded, yet are being healed.

A connection with God. We are normal people, yet connected to the Supernatural.

Young people. We have no youth group, yet are filled with young people.

Meaning to your life. We have no official "membership roll", yet many dedicated workers.

Your part in a worldwide vision. We are small in numbers, yet have a world-wide ministry.

One caveat - if you're looking for the perfect church, don't try the Church of the Living Water in Muscatine. Our pastor says, “As long as I'm the pastor, this will never be a perfect church!”

Celebrate with us at Church of the Living Water in Muscatine, Iowa on Sundays at 10:15 a.m.

Your participation in Church of Living Water services gives the Church of the Living Water permission to use your voice and image for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God.